Victoria Beckham’s Skin Looks So Good Because Of One Unexpected Ingredient

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Victoria Beckham’s Skin Looks So Good Because Of One Unexpected Ingredient

Victoria Beckham is one of those woman that just fascinates us. Whether it’s singing her heart out as our beloved Posh Spice, dropping her nose contour tutorial (it’s got millions of views FYI) or giving us her entire skin care routine, if Victoria is saying it, we want to hear.

Undoubtedly by now you’ve heard the rumbling rumours about has she or hasn’t she had plastic surgery? If she has access to all the top doctors surely she’s had some cosmetic work done. Well according to Victoria, she stands by the fact that she’s never touched her nose. But that still leaves one question on our lips. How is her skin so incredibly plump and glowy? Well we know that recent additions to her skin care line (a double cleanse ICYMI) definitely contribute to her fantastic skin. But it wasn’t until recently we found out exactly what Victoria Beckham swears by to boost her collagen intake.

What does Victoria Beckham eat?

Now when we think of boosting our collagen intake, our brains don’t naturally go to what foods we can eat to help. But thankfully LA dermatologist Dr Harold Lancer once told Victoria to eat a certain one every single day to help with her once problematic skin.

So, what is it that Victoria believes in so strongly?

Surprisingly, salmon! Yep, Victoria Beckham eats grilled salmon each and every day, as her dermatologist recommended it to help boost her natural collagen production. Not only is salmon a delicious and nutritious addition to your recipes, it’s also packed with nourishing omega-3 fatty acids. Those nourishing acids help to regulate your gut microbiome, along with helping to boost your beauty.

The best collagen supplements to shop

We get it, committing to eating salmon each and every day is not only costly, it’s not for everyone’s palates. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have skin as bountifully plump as Victoria’s. After consulting with your doctor, adding in a collagen supplement to your diet can work to help to boost your skin’s plumpness.

Check out these choices:

Nature’s Way Beauty Collagen Mature Skin Tablets ($35.99 at Priceline)

Swisse Collagen Glow Gummies ($15 (usually $30) at Woolworths)

Habitual Beauty Advanced Skin + Gut Health Collagen Elixir ($110 at Adore Beauty)

Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen Original ($40 at Sephora)

Why is collagen important?

Over time, your skin naturally starts loosing it’s elasticity. With collagen production slowing, finding ways to naturally help boost it back up to maintain supple, strong skin is key. But what does having ‘good’ or high collagen elasticity mean? Well, keeping the levels high can help to slow the visible signs of ageing, with plumped up skin meaning the appearance of fewer fine lines.

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Do you take any collagen supplements? What do you think of Victoria’s salmon diet?

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  1. Love salmon but I don’t think I could eat it every day – it would get too boring. I like variety for my meals.

    I do however take collagen powder or liquid every day now that I’m older. This was suggested to me by a dietitian when I was having a few skin issues like dry skin. It definitely helps your skin to stay plump and smooth in texture, and it’s so easy to incorporate into your diet.