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Welcome to beautyheaven!

At beautyheaven, diversity is expected, self-expression is honoured and all are welcome. beautyheaven strives to include as many different voices as possible to give our members the most accurate and informed perspective on beauty products, tips and trends. Our site features consumer-generated content in the form of reviews, forum conversations and article comments.

Enjoy all the perks of being a beautyheaven member and being part of an amazing community by simply signing up at It’s free, very easy, and lots of perks involved, we promise.

When interacting in the beautyheaven community, please follow the User Guidelines below, the beautyheaven Disclosure Policy, the website Terms of Use and the Are Media Privacy Policy. (Basically, they just say to play nice.) A heads up: we can modify them at any time without notice, so be sure you keep up-to-date.

What is beautyheaven and how does it work?

beautyheaven is an online community – a safe space for all beauty lovers alike, regardless of background. It is a place for discussion, asking questions, posting reviews, sharing experiences, and connecting with other beautyheaven members. As a beautyheaven member, you also gain access to our incredible rewards program, which includes benefits such as:

*Earning points for doing what you love

  • Be rewarded for reviewing products, commenting on articles and participating in the forum with like-minded beauties.
  • You can also earn points by simply completing your beauty profile.

How do I earn points?

Earning points for what you love is oh so simple.

You’ll earn points by reviewing beauty products you’ve tried and by talking in the forums about all things beauty and beyond. Take a look at the table below for a full list of ways to earn points to spend in the Rewards Room. However, please be warned we will now be deducting points for bad behaviour or misconduct onsite within our community.

Review a product+5
Comment on an article+1 (limited to 10 comments per post)
Post a new forum topic+5 (capped at 50 points)- capped for year only
Sign up+20 (capped at 20 points)
Bonus birthday points+100
Review: bonus points for being the first to review a new product on site+5
SPAM comments-5
Trashed comments-1
Adding Topic to favourites+1 (no limit)

*Swapping your points for beauty products

  • All members can redeem their points for FREE beauty products in the Rewards Room open all year round.

*Scoring a seat on our Trial Team

  • You’ll get sent the latest products to test and review.
  • Our panel really gets to know a product during every trial, so whenever you see the ‘Trial Team test’ stamp across products on our site, you know it’s a mark of authority.

*Accessing member-only competitions & events

  • You’ll have the chance to win amazing prizes including makeup, skin care, hair products, fragrances and much more with our members-only competitions. Plus, enjoy access to our exclusive events.

Please keep in mind the following rules when participating in the beautyheaven community:

Be respectful. beautyheaven’s member community is a safe space for any and all beauty lovers. The beautyheaven community welcomes participants with a wide range of beliefs and ideas about the subjects they’re discussing and the world, more broadly. We encourage an open dialogue; you do not need to understand or agree with others, but we do require that participants remain courteous and respectful at all times. Please avoid any language that may be considered rude, abusive, or intimidating. This includes having a tone that is consistently critical, derogatory, or otherwise negative toward others. If we see any of the above, we will exercise our right to edit, remove, or block new replies to any post that violates these guidelines. We will also limit or suspend the access of any participant who violates these guidelines. Discriminatory treatment of any user on the basis of age, level/type of education, race, ethnicity, national origin, social class, religious affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, physical appearance, serious disease, disability, or any other form of discrimination may result in a permanent ban from the community.

Have good etiquette. When posting in the beautyheaven community forums, reviews, posts or articles, please remember that the people who read your posts sometimes can’t tell what you meant to say or how you intended to say it. Avoid “screaming” your thoughts in ALL CAPITAL letters. And remember that people who do not know you or fully understand your intentions will read your comments. If you think your comments could be misinterpreted, they probably will be. If you think someone has misunderstood you, or has challenged your position, address it calmly in a non-threatening manner. The beautyheaven team members (with a staff badge) will be able to help, but it’s always best for the participants to work it out. Keep the peace!

Take a breath. While we do not set formal limits on how much you can post, excessive posting—whether in terms of number of posts or their length can majorly interfere with the beautyheaven community home. There’s room here for many points of view, so don’t feel like you need to have the last word. Please only post in one forum when creating a new post. If you publish the same post in multiple forums your duplicate posts will be removed. Additionally, beautyheaven reserves the right to move posts if they are better suited within another forum.

We love when you show your support for other members’ posts, but please refrain from abusing the system. Excessive posting may result in deletion of your posts, removal of your points, and a permanent ban from the beautyheaven community.

No “trolling.” beautyheaven does not permit trolling, which may include hijacking or taking a thread drastically off-topic, hate speech, rudeness, shaming, personal attacks, bullying, threats or inflammatory posts, impersonating others or creating multiple accounts in order to do any of the actions listed here. If you are trolling, we will take your posts down and your account will be permanently banned. If banned for trolling, you will not be permitted to participate again. beautyheaven reserves the right to contact law enforcement if we suspect your behaviour to be unlawful or dangerous toward others.

Best and worst practices

Using a descriptive title for your postsUsing vague subject titles like “HELP!” 
Reading other responses and searching for similar topics before postingRepeating information already provided and posting questions that others have previously asked
Asking for clarification when necessaryMaking assumptions
Contributing to the discussionExcessively quoting previous messages
Focusing on your areas of beauty expertiseOffering advice on unfamiliar topics
Being as concise as possibleOverwhelming readers with information
Trying to use correct spelling and grammarWorrying if your spelling isn’t perfect
Staying on topicGetting off topic
Remaining positiveDisparaging people
Trying to understand opposing viewpointsArguing with other posters
Being friendly!Using foul language or off-colour humour

See something inappropriate? 

The participants themselves (all of you!) do the best monitoring of inappropriate behaviour, and we appreciate your help keeping the beautyheaven member community safe. If you see any offensive, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate content, please click on the of the post “Report” button. All beautyheaven members can report inappropriate content. Once a post has been reported as inappropriate, please note that the post will not be immediately removed; instead, it will be reviewed by our beautyheaven team (Staff) who will take necessary action, whether that means removing the post altogether or editing the content as needed.

beautyheaven will not discuss one user’s actions or account with any other user. That means we won’t tell the reported user who filed the report, but it also means we cannot tell the person making the report what action we’ve taken. In addition, any user who reasonably believes they are at risk of imminent physical harm by an aggressor should contact their local law enforcement agency.

What is my role in the beautyheaven member community?

Everyone is essential in an online community. Without you, there wouldn’t be beautyheaven. By visiting often (and participating) you not only add to the user-created knowledge base, but you also encourage others to do the same. If you come with your toughest beauty issues, you’ll probably be able to find someone else that has the same problem or can point you in the right direction of a solution. Then if you’re able to find a solution that works for you, you can add your own insight and experience. Chances are that you may have an answer that someone else has been seeking. You could come in looking for answers and leave with some new friends! Everyone wins.

Topics related to points, Rewards Room orders or anything else that is customer support-related are best left to our beautyheaven team members (Staff) to respond to, as these beautyheaven employees have access to information which allows them to assist members in each unique situation. Please also remember to reach out to us at

Remember that online communities should be fun, friendly, informative, and appropriate for everyone. Please leave all judgements at the virtual door.

No solicitation. Please do not use these forums to submit or publish any marketing communication, to survey or study the beautyheaven member community, or to advertise or solicit for any business or enterprise. Direct links to other commercial websites are inappropriate for our beautyheaven member community. Those postings will be removed and can result in the suspension of your access to these services. Please do not reach out to members directly for any type of solicitation or gratis.

If your access is suspended. Violation of these User Guidelines or Terms of Use may result in the suspension or termination of your access to these services. If your account is suspended, you will not be able to sign in, but will instead receive a message indicating your account status.

Privacy.  beautyheaven member community is a public forum widely accessible on the internet. Whenever participating in any online community, always remember that what you post is viewable by the general public. Please do not post any confidential, or potentially embarrassing information about yourself or anyone else. Posting someone else’s confidential information will result in the termination of your access to these services.

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