Then & Now: The Aussie Women That Made It Big In Hollywood

Then & Now: The Aussie Women That Made It Big In Hollywood

If there’s one thing that we’re always excited to see, it’s a home-grown Aussie starring in a big budget film (or singing their hearts out on a stage/in a stadium). They might’ve forgotten the taste of Vegemite, or even lost their Ocker accents. But we’ll always be happy to see these Aussie stars on our screens. 

But honestly. Sometimes we’re not as quick to recognise previously familiar faces (with the easy access they have to appearance-altering cosmetic procedures). Luckily for us, most of our most beloved Aussie stars have stayed away from the major altercations. Instead often opting for (some very expensive) facials and skin care routines. 

So, let’s see if you can recognise these classic Aussie stars…

Australian Stars

Kylie Minogue

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Kylie and sister Dannii appeared on our screens on Young Talent Time, proving the duo to have serious singing chops. Not long after that, Kylie launched into stardom with her role as the feisty Charlene Mitchelle on Neighbours in 1986 (after many years as a child actress). These days, after a majorly successful music career, Kylie has become the highest-selling female Australian artist of all time, having just won her second Grammy. While we can still totally recognise ‘80s Kylie in present-day Kylie, she’s admitted to trying out everything from Botox to fillers, although in the more recent years she’s laid off the injections and looks more gorgeous than ever.

Margot Robbie

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Much like her Aussie actress cohort Kylie, Margot landed her first big break on Neighbours in 2008. The star then took her career to the next-level moving to the US, and eventually landed her big break in The Wolf of Wall Street. We don’t even think we have to mention what Margot’s been up to of late… But in case you (somehow) missed it, she most recently shone as the lead in (and one of the masterminds behind) the Barbie film. For that role, some have suggested that the star underwent some surgery to portray the plastic princess. We, however, think she worked with a team of dermatologists to ultimately perfect her skin.

Nicole Kidman 

Image Credit: Getty / @nicolekidman

At only 16 years old (in 1983), a talented Nicole Kidman made her Aussie classic film debut (in a Bush Christmas). It wasn’t until the ‘90s that Nicole got her international break, filming a slew of box office hits such as Eyes Wide Shut. These days the mum of two is married to her great love (and adopted Aussie) Keith Urban. Recently she’s been overseas filming her latest show Expats. As a proud Aussie star, Nicole has shared that she prefers to be completely natural, wearing sunscreen and taking care of herself. Although the star admits to trying out Botox, she ultimately wasn’t a fan; not only did she not enjoy how her face looked, she also didn’t enjoy not being able to move her forehead!

Cate Blanchett 

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Cate Blanchett is such a Hollywood mega-star, some people actually forget she’s Aussie-born. Well, this is your helpful reminder. Getting her big break in 1997 for Elizabeth, the animal-loving vegetarian has focused on natural skin care throughout her illustrious career. It must be good stuff! Cate looks almost the same in her recent films as she did back then. She even managed to avoid those cosmetic enhancement rumours. In fact she’s gone on record to say she feels ‘sorry for’ people in their 20s that feel the need to get Botox

Naomi Watts

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She might’ve been born in England and moved to Australia in her teens but rules be damned, we’ll be claiming her as our own. Naomi Watts saw true international stardom with the 2002 remake of The Ring, with her star rising further from there. Her recent portrayal in Goodnight Mommy has Naomi’s onscreen counterpart seriously questioning (even getting close a few times) if she’ll get plastic surgery to stay young. 

Delta Goodrem

Image Credit: Getty / @deltagoodrem

Launching onto the radio (and into our hearts) with Innocent Eyes in 2003, Delta Goodrem has remained a steadfast Aussie star through the years. Delta even recently toured with none other than the Backstreet Boys. While Delta’s never confirmed any enhancements, some Aussie surgeons believe that she’s undergone a rhinoplasty and perhaps even a few fillers along the way. Either way, she looks as radiant now as she did as Nina on (yep, you guessed it!) Neighbours back in the ‘00s.

Sarah Snook

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While Sarah Snook has been acting since 2009, it wasn’t until 2018 and being cast as Shiv Roy in Succession that she really became a household name. The recent Emmy winner has been vocal about not subscribing to Hollywood’s unrealistic beauty expectations, even having experienced being body-shamed on set. We’re happy to see the ever-beautiful star continue to let her natural beauty shine. 

Toni Collette

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The definitely not ‘terrible Muriel’ Toni Collette was just 22 when she landed the leading role of Muriel. Having to gain (and then lose) a significant amount of weight for the role undoubtedly played a part in her perception of beauty. Toni’s never outwardly admitted to any tweakments. But if her current glow is anything to go by, we want what she’s having (whether it be a few helping hands or just solid skin care).

Rose Byrne

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It’s hard to believe now (and even at the time) that Rose Byrne doesn’t have ‘formal’ acting training. But from a young age Rose was showing off her acting prowess landing a long-standing recurring role in Echo Point and even the OG Heartbreak High. Her flawless skin is far more likely thanks to a thorough skincare regimen than plastic surgery.

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Who’s been your fave star to watch over the years?

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  1. My kids always watched Neighbours so I also would see bits of it but when Margot Robbie started, I was like, she is good and I knew that she would do well overseas when she left Neighbours. I know all the names above which is surprising and they have all done well. Just hope they all still call Australia home.