Our Members Reveal The Need-To-Know Beauty Tips They’ve Picked Up Over The Years


There is no doubt about it, our members are beautyheaven’s heart and soul. 

Our forums are never short of beauty-related pearls of wisdom, whether it’s reminiscing on cringe-worthy makeup blunders or game-changing hacks. The same way that our members look to beautyheaven for industry news and tips, we look to our members for guidance on what they want to know, what they’re loving and what’s just not worth the hype.

And although we’re all thrilled about our relaunch (and hope you’re loving the new site too!), we want to take a moment to celebrate the one element of our site that’s remained unchanged: OUR MEMBERS. All 145,000 of you. 

So we spoke to some of the best beauty minds on the block (you) about all the things they’ve learned since becoming members at bh. And wow, there’s a lot…

Product discoveries

Bravo, Bakuchoil!

“Definitely the discovery of Bakuchiol! I can’t use retinol due to my very sensitive skin. This natural dupe ingredient has changed my life (well my skin clarity at least). [Currently] crushing on the Glow Lab’s Age Renew Retinol Booster Oil that I got in the Natural Beauty Month Trial Box. I would have been unlikely to try it otherwise because I see the word retinol and think no way! So thanks for that bh.” – Frenchy1

$33.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Brown is the new black

“Tips that I learnt from articles on BH is how to do liquid eyeliner. Also age-appropriate eyeliner colours. I went from a stark black to a brown eyeliner pencil, especially after watching Drew Barrymore putting on her brown eyeliner pencil from her Flower Range of beauty products.” – Margi 59 

$7.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Eye swear by this

“I received a full-sized freebie of Olay’s Deep Hydrating Eye Gel with a previous RR order. It’s the first eye product that doesn’t make me break out!” – misfortunate8

$29.39 at Chemist Warehouse

Skin care secrets

The science of skin care

“Acids!! I started learning about glycolic acid, retinol etc. Had never heard of them before now I am addicted.” – Amazeballs16

100% rosehip

“Being oily and blemish-prone, I’d always avoided oils in skin care. Using rosehip oil has dramatically improved my complexion! My pores look finer, my skin looks brighter and clearer in general; I get fewer blemishes, and the red spots that used to linger from healed zits have disappeared, too. I’m not fussed about the brand, so long as it’s 100% rosehip oil: all the serums I’ve tried with rosehip oil plus whizz-bang extras don’t work as well as plain old rho. I would never have even tried it if it weren’t for the recommendations of so many bh forumites.” – misfortune8

Taking care of your skin is a hobby

“I have learnt so much more invaluable information from the BH forums and the information we have all shared together. There is a very involved retinol thread that went on a few years ago that really opened my eyes to retinol and I have never been the same since. Started to really take skin care seriously like a hobby that I spend a lot of time researching.” – Ethelinde

Melasma no more!

“The beautyheaven community has changed my skin. Literally. From reviews, recommendations, trials, articles and beauty events. Results are hugely visible. Six years later: melasma can not be seen anymore! And skin change is incredible overall: lines I had are gone, no blackheads anymore, smoother pores, even skin tone and texture just perfect. Also, my hair has improved a lot. The community is amazing! Love beautyheaven” – Yohanna

Makeup moments 

Application essentials 

“Gosh, so many of the videos that bh put out really helped me in every way when it came to makeup. I had never even heard of highlighters, primer or foundation brushes until I read an article here and I have now been using them for years and would be totally lost if I didn’t have them in my beauty routine now.” – Jatz

Prime of your life

“Learning about primers, particularly matching the right kind to a type of foundation. Game-changer for me. Once you prime the canvas (i.e. face), everything looks much better!” – Ethelinde

Brush convert

“In my 20s and 30s, I used to apply eyeshadow with sponge-tipped applicators! When I joined bh, I learned that everyone else uses brushes – so much better! I still buy sponge-tipped applicators for travel, but for day-to-day, I’m a brush convert.” – misfortunate8

Smooth shadow

“Using an eye shadow primer to stop my eyeshadow from creasing. I cannot believe I got to the ripe not old age of 40 without ever knowing this.” – Okatko

From interest to obsession

“When I stumbled upon beautyheaven, I had an interest in makeup but knew very little. I have learnt so much from being a member. My makeup interest became an obsession and I discovered just how important skin care is, especially sunscreen which I wish I had have started using much earlier. Almost everything beauty-related I’ve been able to soak up from articles and knowledgeable forum members. I am very grateful to have found BH” – IndieAna

How much time have you got?

“I find it difficult to pinpoint just one thing I’ve learnt since becoming a member. Probably the most important things are how to really, really care for my skin and how to apply makeup correctly, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!” – Gilliey

What have your favourite bh moments been?

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  1. Such Wonderful Advice and Tips from BH Members have learnt so much myself, from Members Advice and from BH Articles that have been so helpful. As well as using the Search 🔍 to help me find information on Cosmetics, as well as New Products. 🙂

  2. I thought that I had posted something but it hasn’t turned up!.
    I found BH when I was around 20 then I joined a year later and it has taught me almost everything I know about skincare and application. Before BH I was using google.

    • Wow! I only discovered this wonderful community a few years ago.

      It’s always a pleasure interacting with you all on here.

      I’ve learnt so much from you all! ❤️ 🙏🏽 😉

  3. Reading this put a huge smile on my face! I really love visiting BH, reading the articles, seeing other peoples comments, learning about new products. I find it so relaxing and enjoyable, it’s a part of my daily routine! <3

  4. I’ve learnt so much from Beautyheaven community. All the tips and tricks and trials and reviews have helped to make huge changes in my skin and hair (on better). From this article, still on my to try list is: bakuchiol.

  5. Having been a member for so long BH feels like a little online home in a way. It’s familiar, friendly and an enjoyable place to be.

    My most memorable moment here was winner the blog star award for my video way back in 2013!! So many amazing review opportunities as well. So much fun! 🙂

  6. Oh wow this brings memories back – when I first joined bh a very long time ago I think I only owned a few – like not much more than a couple – of basics – some spf moisturiser and a mascara, a very basic cleanser, a perfume and my skin really wasn’t looking as good as it is today as I’ve read a lot of bh articles now! : )

  7. Oh yeah love that Glow Lab Age Renew Booster Oil and my brown Lash Power Mascara by Clinique! So much better than black but I have been playing around with a black version of it which I got as a free bonus sample in my GWP from the David Jones Clinique offer. Ah fun but I much prefer the Chocolate Brown one on me because I have yellow hair, almost yellow skin – aka very strong medium and gold flecks in my green eyes. Brown just looks better on me I think.

  8. Super friendly site, I’ve learned so much from the articles and the members. I like that difficult topics are discussed and reading about the huge variety of products that I would never otherwise find out about.

  9. I’ve learnt SO much since joining BH back in 2013, I wouldn’t know where to begin!

    At the time I was just getting into makeup & although I had a bit of skincare knowledge, that knowledge has only increased along the way, along with learning everything about makeup that I should’ve known when I was younger but didn’t (thanks to not having sisters + my ever practical mother not wearing the stuff). This community has such a breadth of wisdom & to be part of a like-minded communty of people has been a joy over the years.

  10. I have enjoyed trying out products to discover what works for me and what doesn’t. I need to pay particular attention to my eye area but find that a lot of products either don’t do anything, or end up causing irritation. The search continues …

  11. I just love learning everyday about new products and ingredients. And its so good to know that there are people out there with the same passion as me ! Obsession with personal care products. I really enjoyed learning about salicylic acid!

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