How To Get Your Hands On *This* Sellout Dupe For Brooke Shields’ Beloved Lip Balm (For Just $12)

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As anyone who was alive and beauty-obsessed in the ‘80s/’90s will well remember, Brooke Shields basically invented bold brows. That’s the kind of pull she has in the beauty community. And so when Brooke says a beauty buy is good, we take that as fact. And when a dupe for a beauty buy she rates is available for $12, we take that as an opportunity that must be seized.

What is said snazzy product, you ask? Well, as you may have spied on TikTok (if you frequent the ‘viral’ or ‘sold out’ corners of the platform), it’s none other than the Dermal Therapy Overnight Lip Repair. As for what it’s said to be rivalling (Brooke’s OG fave, which we’d guess might be usurped by Dermal Therapy’s take on an overnight lip treatment sometime soon), that’d be none other than Laneige’s Lip Sleeping Mask. And FYI, that one goes for over 30 bucks – another point in the Dermal Therapy dupe’s column – it’s less than half price, and some may say even more effective!

Formulated with over 30 clinically proven hydrating ingredients ranging from the almighty hyaluronic acid to ceramide complex and collagen and peptide complex, the Dermal Therapy Overnight Lip Repair is basically the softening, nourishing and plumping gem you’ve been searching for.

And just as the ‘overnight’ mention in the name suggests, it’s designed to work super speedily while you sleep. You might be resting, but you can trust that the formula is hard at work! As for those clinically proven results, here are a few headlines: not only were visible results noticeable in 8 hours (amazing), but 8/10 people saw fuller lips… overnight. Giant win.

In case you were wondering if you could trust Dermal Therapy’s lip formulas, take solace in the fact that the brand’s Lip Balm Original is actually the number one selling lip balm nationwide, with one balm from their range sold every 15 seconds. Long story short, a dupe of Hollywood’s favourite lip balm from a brand that makes lip formulas with that kind of following is a must-have.

But because it’s a genuinely tremendous formula (and it literally sold out overnight last time), you’re going to need a strong strategy for getting your hands on it. So without further ado, here’s our guide to nabbing the dupe on everybody’s lips (literally)…

Strategy 1: Run to your local chemist, like, right now

Your best bet for securing your stash? Getting your physical hands on a physical tube as soon as physically possible. If you’re not sure where to head (and are feeling the stress of missing out building), we can help. It’s available at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline, Terry White, Chemmart, Blooms and leading pharmacies. We recommend heading to your local stockist speedily.

Strategy 2: Station yourself on an e-comm site

If you don’t see the opportunity to get there in person in your near future, try the online shopping option instead. And add to cart swiftly, may we add – while the ‘add to cart’ button still works (AKA while stocks last). Amazon is a solid choice for ensuring speedy delivery, but there are an array of stockists to choose from. We don’t mean to be greedy either, but we advise stocking up on a few spares because once you try it (and undoubtedly become hooked), it may be in its ‘sold out’ era all over again.

Strategy 3: Manifest a restock

If all else fails and the demand leaves the shelves/stocks depleted, here’s our advice: light some candles, manifest a swift (and plentiful) restock, and then repeat steps one and two to get your hands on the goods pronto. After that, simply apply and enjoy, knowing you’re one of the lucky ones.

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