The Unusual Tool Brooke Shields Uses To Fill In Her Famous Brows

The Unusual Tool Brooke Shields Uses To Fill In Her Famous Brows

Brooke Shields is indisputably synonymous with full and fluffy eyebrows. But a lead pencil? Not so much. Sharing a video to her Instagram, the model – whose beauty routine we often revert to for tips – has detailed the unusual way she achieves “THE eyebrows”. 

While filling in her already well-shaped brows, Brooke shared, “I use this little pencil,” revealing her product of choice to be the Prismacolour Ebony Pencil, otherwise known as a lead pencil. She laughed at the camera as she admitted, “it’s actually for an artist, to draw.”

Brooke isn’t the only one using a lead pencil on her brows…

As these particular graphite sketching pencils are described as being “rich, velvety and smooth” as well as “resistant of cracking and breakage,” you could be excused for drawing parallels between the Prisamacolour Ebony and a high-quality brow pencil. 

Plus, according to comments left on Brooke’s Instagram, it turns out she’s not alone in adopting this technique. “I use that Prisma Pencil too! Works great on the brows. Who knew,” said one follower..

In fact, the practice has become increasingly popular within K-Beauty, after being discussed on the Get It Beauty podcast. Korean makeup artists Son Daesik and Park Taeyoon both cited the same Prismacolour Ebony Pencil as their sparse-brow saviour. 

What do the experts say about using a graphite pencil in your makeup routine?

If your first thought was, “hello what about the lead poisoning?”, ours too. However, contrary to popular belief, lead pencils do not contain any lead. 

Pencil tips are in fact made up of non-toxic graphite and clay. But according to the experts, this does not necessarily mean it is safe to use on our skin. Dermatologist, Dr Kavita Mariwalla, told People Magazine, “when eyebrow pencils are formulated, they are done so by cosmetic chemists and tested to make sure they are safe around the eyes.” 

She further explained, “while a coloured pencil may work, I would not recommend doing so on a regular basis as it can tattoo the skin and it may not be able to be removed.”

Our thoughts? Don’t get us wrong, we love a multi-use product more than anyone, but when it comes to merging our pencil case with our makeup bag, not even Brooke Shields can convince us.

Will you continue to purchase your beauty products from MECCA rather than Officeworks? What do you think about this eyebrow recommendation?

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  1. If it tattoo’s the skin sign me up! Cheaper than getting your brows actually tattooed! As long as they have a colour that suits my eyebrows. That colour would make me look ridiculous!

  2. Considering I use light brown/taupe or blonde products on my brows I won’t be using an artists pencil any time soon. I actually only like to use a very thin pencil to fill in the scars in my brows where the hairs don’t grow and then I use a fibre brow mascara to make them sit nice and look a little bit thicker.

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