Sofia Vergara Doesn’t Believe In Filler, And Here’s Why

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We’re living in a world of quick fixes and shortcuts, and heck for the most part, they make life a thousand times easier. But what happens if instead of diligently applying our skin care routines, we just went out and got a plumping hit of filler every time?

Some celebs might be very pro injectables (Gwyneth we’re looking at you) and others, like Jennifer Garner, want you to think twice before getting a shot. As for Sofia Vergara, she has an opinion all her own…

Sofia Vergara’s Thoughts On Injectables

While Sofia is no doubt a serious sunscreen devotee, and swears “it makes a difference” (correct), she definitely isn’t one to shy away from in-salon treatments. Chatting with Allure, the actress shared her stance when it comes to injectables: pro-Botox, anti-filler.

“I’ve been doing Botox for a long time in my neck, [around] my eyes,” she explained. “I don’t believe in filler. I feel filler does good when you’re really young and you want a little bit more cheeks or to plump your lips a little bit. At my age—51—I feel it’s not going to make you look younger. It is going to make you look more done. And I feel like it actually doesn’t pull you up; it kind of weighs [you down]. So I am against that, once you hit a certain age.”

That doesn’t mean she’s against every tweakment, though. In fact, it’s more that it’s tough to fit appointments/recovery in around her schedule. Waiting until she has some downtime in her busy filming schedule Sofia “feel(s) like (she’s) going to do every plastic surgery that (she) can do when (she’s) ready”. All power to her.

And even though she’s ultra aware of her own ageing process, she’s worked hard on accepting her ageing self for who she is. It’s got to be easier when you look like Sofia Vergara, sure, but the message is one we can take away…

Sofia Vergara’s Skin Care Routine

Wearing SPF daily is partially what Sofia credits her good skin toward, and we couldn’t support this focus on protection more. While she’s busy launching her own sunscreen brand, toty, it’s unfortunately not shipping to our shores yet. Luckily, she’s mentioned a few of her previous faves.

An SPF she’s relied on throughout her life? La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ ($37.95 at Priceline). This pick (which should be applied in addition to wearing protective clothing and seeking shade) is wonderfully gentle, perfect for looking after sensitive skin.

As for her favourite cleanser, the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser ($14.99 at Priceline) might be ‘basic’ but keeping it simple is Sofia’s key to keeping her skin happy and calm.

sofia vergara skin care fave

Oh, and it might not be a skin care pick, but ICYMI: Sofia’s famously full arches are something she never used to bother with. That was until her neighbour Anastasia Soare (A.K.A the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills), forced her into it… Yep, we’re just as surprised as you are!

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What are your thoughts on ‘tweakments’? Do you like that Sofia Vergara is being open about her touch ups?

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