Here’s How To Get AHead Of The Blowjob Game

Here’s How To Get AHead Of The Blowjob Game

Ah, the humble blowjob. It gets a bit of a bad rap, but we’re here to help resuscitate your love life with a bit of mouth to… 

Look ladies, we’re not going to lie to you. Giving a blowjob is one of those things that we put off for as long as we can (birthdays and anniversaries to be precise) but our poor men just want to get off too. In this article we’ll be focusing on how to pleasure people with penises, but don’t worry we’ve already given you some great female pleasure tips too.  

So, let’s figure out a way to make it less of a literal ‘job’ and add the fun back into fellatio. We bet these tips will leave your partner *gob* smacked…

How to give good head

Because there really is a difference between giving head and giving good head. Now your significant other will likely be thrilled either way (as long as you’re keeping your teeth to yourselves), but we’re striving for excellence. So, how do you blow him out of the water and get him “undulating with desire” as they say in 10 Things I Hate About You? Here’s how to get first place going to third base…

Build up anticipation

There’s a really good reason why foreplay is just so damn sexy. It’s all the anticipation. The buildup of what’s yet to come. We think you can find a whole deal of pleasure in the power you’ll get from sending them to the brink. So be sure to take your time teasing them. The best way to go about that is getting in a rhythm, then changing up your speed, and suction (thank us later).

Use your hands

Now, this probably goes without saying, but a blowjob does not mean just using your mouth (we can’t even imagine how sore your jaws would be afterwards). So spare yourself the worsening of your TMJ and incorporate your hands. It’ll help you stabilise yourself as well as add a whole lot of extra pleasure for him.

Get a bit cocky

Literally, sure. But also, give in to the moment, lose your inhibitions and sink into a cockier character than ever. He’s going to have an even better time knowing that you’re feeling yourself and feeling confident. Who cares if it’s a super saliva covered time? You can always wash up after! And most of all, we need you to know the importance of eye contact. Yep, staring up into his eyes while giving him a blowjob is bound to win him over. Yet another reason to perfect the art of applying volumising mascara.

Don’t forget the balls

Just like Cinderella you’ll want to make sure you get to the ball(s). For your sake we’re hoping your partner is well groomed (or at least open to suggestions). But while going down on him, give him an extra sensory level of pleasure by gently incorporating his balls (and maybe even a cheeky perineum massage). And if you need a break from his shaft take it that step further and head on down to start softly sucking.

Use your tongue

Like we said before, heavenly head comes from a super wet environment. And like all things sexual pleasure tongues can go a long way. Like 50 cent said in his least hidden blowjob euphemism Candy Shop “I melt in your mouth girl, not in your hands”. So, make sure to lick it like a lollipop; we reckon that imagery alone will get them close to the edge. And if not, think of a catchy tune and try humming it while you’re down there. 

Switch up positions

Much like the main event, sticking to the one position can get monotonous; for the both of you. Sure you want to make sure you’re comfortable because you may be in for a long evening (or a very quick one depending how you play your cards). Our top position tip? If you’re lucky enough to have a full-sized mirror, have your man stand in front of it, kneel down in front of him with your booty out and go to town. We can almost guarantee this is sure to get their pulses racing.

Focus on the tip

Sure, if you’ve ever watched porn, or listened to men talk, it seems deep-throating takes the cake. Honestly, we don’t know why having their member deep down our oesophagus is a turn on, but we’re here to change their minds. Focus on the tip. No seriously, focusing on the tip alone (with a lot of tongue flicking) will get them seriously going. With 4000 nerve endings in the head alone, we suggest finding the v-shaped frenulum (an often forgotten part of the penis) and give it a good light lick.


Sure it’s not the sauciest step that happens in foreplay, but it’s necessary to know your partner’s turn ons and offs (as well as their comfort levels with what’s going on). Finding out what they want from fellatio (especially knowing if being woken by a BJ is on their wishlist) is important. But they equally need to know if you have any boundaries (and the answer to the age old question: spit or swallow?). Communication is key to collaborative cumming.

And don’t forget you can always turn to plastic (or silicone) pleasure to amp up the fun…

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Do you enjoy giving or receiving head? Will you try out any of these tips?

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