5 Of The Best Sex Positions To Try, According To The Internet

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In case you were wondering, Google searches for “best sex positions” have increased by 355 per cent in the last week.

Blame it on the fact we’re all home a lot more or that Valentine’s Day is coming up, but either way, it looks like a lot of us are looking for some new bedroom moves.

And while the most-Googled sex position in Australia may be pretty beige, the research team at SlotsUp has discovered five other popularly-searched positions you may not have heard of.

So if you’ve already given the best sex position for your star sign a try, see if any of these take your fancy…

1. Lotus sex position

Just like a hug… but sex. This position requires both partners to wrap their arms and legs around each other, with whoever is on the bottom able to hold their partner’s weight. But it’s the partner on top that’ll do all the movement work.

2. The splitting bamboo

If you’re wondering how this one is considered ‘lazy’ given the height of that leg, the key is to have it resting on the other person’s shoulder. The move allows for deeper penetration with little effort from both parties.

3. The plough

Now this one requires some work. It’s like the adult version of a wheelbarrow race. One partner leans on their arms while the rest of their body is lifted and held from behind. It’s a bit of hard work but everyone wins once the finish line is reached.

4. The Catherine wheel

This one may require some twisting and turning to get into position. Begin with one partner sitting with their legs crossed, then have the other straddle them, placing their legs around the torso. The original partner should then move one of their legs to be across the other’s middle. If you feel like a pretzel, it’s probably working.

5. The bridge

Put those yoga classes to good use and try ‘The Bridge’ if you’re feeling flexible. One partner should be on all fours facing the ceiling and pushing up to create a bridge. The other partner can then kneel and position themselves between the legs.

Had you heard of any of these sex positions?

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  1. So many comments come to mind but probably won’t be posted as they are too naughty. Done a couple of these a while back but there would be a few couples probably hurting themselves trying some of these, lol.

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