Want To Know How Jennifer Aniston Stays So Fit?

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Want To Know How Jennifer Aniston Stays So Fit?

There’s a few things in this world we know to be true. Double cleansing is a must, always listen to your mum, and (most importantly) Jennifer Aniston is hot. The star that created a hair craze (‘The Rachel’, although we think you’re aware) has always been our not-so-secretly coveted inspo. Whether it was copying her iconic hairstyle, stealing her fashion looks or wishing upon any passing shooting star that we had the amazing athletic build she does. Rachel Green *ahem* Jennifer Aniston is (in our opinion) celebrity goals. 

If like us, growing up through the ‘90s left you vaguely traumatised by the ‘no pain, no gain’ approach to working out, you’ll be pleased to know that even superstars suffered through the same distaste for sweat-soaking gruelling workouts. Jennifer even goes as far as to say she “had to retrain her brain”, with the high-intensity, hours of cardio of days gone by taking a toll on her brain as much as her body. So, what does her exercise routine look like now? Let’s find out…

Jennifer Aniston Workout

Now Jen is no slouch when it comes to hitting the gym, aiming to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in daily. Although she isn’t super strict on hitting the goal every day;, she’ll happily accept moving her body five days a week. 

With a great love for giving classes a go, Jennifer has formed fond attachments with many different types of exercise (we guess variety is the spice of life). Jen’s not shied away from letting us in on all her fave workouts, from barre to boxing and of course yoga. For Jen, so much of working out is mental. She loves the release of aggression from boxing and the ultra-calming meditative effects she gets from (probably her favourite workout) yoga. 

While Jen switches up her routines, trainer Leyon Azubuike (founder of Gloveworx) has spoken out about putting Jen through her paces. With their sessions starting with a 15 minute yoga warm up, and from there can go anywhere, one thing is for certain: the star gets put through a lot of core work.

And if that wasn’t enough of a sign she’s a fitness fanatic, Jen also has a treadmill, elliptical and a spin bike at home for those days she can’t make it to a class. Guess we’re turning our office into a gym now…


This lower intensity form of exercise can be done from home. And with Jennifer as the face of the brand, it’s no wonder why the functional fitness brand is taking off, creating routines (and equipment) that sculpt and strengthen the body without the burnout that comes with HIIT (high intensity interval training). So head over to their site so you can tell all your friends, you use the exact same workout equipment as Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston’s Body

Now we know her workout routine, but how does the 55 year old star stay so motivated to her workouts? Well thankfully Jen enjoys working out. Yep, this might take a total mindshift to emulate her. But she’s previously said that working out makes her feel “really beautiful”. Why? Because she knows that she’s “taken care of [her] body, [her] endorphins are going, [her] blood is pumping.” Jennifer is making sure she takes care of the “one body [she] has”, ending each workout sesh with a detoxifying sauna sesh.

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Do you workout? Would you follow in Jen’s footsteps?

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  1. Having a trainer to keep you motivated helps, if you can afford it, I can’t but I do some yoga, gardening and go for a walk every day for at least 20 minutes, even in winter, which I kind of enjoy more because I don’t get hot and it warms me up.