6 Ways To Use A Spoolie For Better Lashes And Eyebrows


The spoolie brush is the unsung hero hiding in your makeup kit. Whether it sits on the end of a brow pencil or as its own solo brush, there are many ways to use a spoolie to your advantage.

A spoolie is the ultimate Mr-Fix-It for your face and can assist you with more makeup-related hiccups than you may think. It can also help you to perfect simple makeup steps – such as applying mascara and plucking your brows.

Want to know what’s on this makeup tool’s amazing repertoire? Here are five reasons why you need a spoolie in your life…

What is a spoolie?

For those unacquainted, a spoolie is the little mascara wand-style brush that can be found on the end of many eyebrow products. You may also be given one after a brow lamination appointment (to brush them up), or find them in brow and lash tinting kits.

6 ways to use a spoolie

#1 Brushing your brows

A spoolie’s number one task is to assist in the brushing of your brows and keep them looking tidy and ‘in place’. They’re particularly handy if you experience brows that droop or become disheveled throughout the day. Using a spoolie to brush through your brow powder or pencil can also give a more seamless finish.

#2 To help conduct precise plucking

If you’re keen to do some DIY brow shaping, a spoolie can be your best friend. Use it to effectively brush your brow hairs up, down, and out of the way while you tend to the roots of the hairs and effectively remove the ones you want. Be careful not to get too pluck-happy!

#3 Un-clumping your lashes

Have you ever applied a second coat of mascara and realised that you’re left with a gloopy, clumpy mess? Don’t panic. Instead of having to remove all of your eye makeup (and mess up any other great work you may have done), you can simply use a clean spoolie to brush through your lashes and effectively remove any excess mascara in just a few sweeps.

#4 To make your brow powder work harder

There are quite a few brow powders that come with small, angled brushes alongside them. These are fine to use but if you want your brow powder to last all day, consider using a spoolie. The bristles can help to ‘work’ the brow powder into your brows and in between the hairs to blend it better and keep it there for longer.

#5 To help grow out your brows

Don’t be put off by messy brows when you’re trying to grow them out. It’s important to refrain from plucking them to ensure you achieve your desired result – no matter how hard it may be. A spoolie is an excellent tool to both groom any overgrown hairs as well as fill in any sparse areas of your brows with brow powder. So don’t pluck, let your spoolie and your powder disguise the unruly mess!

#6 To exfoliate your lips

A less common but just as effective use is lip exfoliation. You can use it to hygienically apply your lip exfoliator product or pair it with lip balm and use the bristles to perform the exfoliating action. Use circular motions and ensure your spoolie is cleaned before and after use.

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What’s your favourite way to use a spoolie? Do you have any brow-perfecting tips to share?

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