Chemist Warehouse Convenience Strikes Again For Mens Fragrance Gifts

Chemist Warehouse Convenience Strikes Again For Mens Fragrance Gifts

Christmas time is already slowly becoming a manic rush, with everyone getting gifts sorted left and right. But who’s always the hardest to buy for? Men. Every time! What do they want?! We may never truly know, but we know that they need a fresh new scent. But how many men do you see sampling the fragrances in specialty fragrance stores? Yep, that’s right, very few. So the best place to look for a fragrance that’s likely on sale for the significant man in your life? It’s at Chemist Warehouse.

And if your calendar is anything like ours, they just keep getting busier!  So, don’t put your men on the back-burner, because you now know that a one-stop fragrance shop is (literally) right around the corner and will have your gifts sorted in a flash. Here are some of our top fragrance choices that your man (and you) will love. 

Chemist Warehouse Near Me?

A very valid question. Because once you’ve gotten your heart set on that special guy’s new signature scent, you’ll perhaps want to go and give it a quick sniff before purchasing it. Luckily there are Chemist Warehouses scattered all around town. To find your closest branch, check out their store finder.

Best Mens Cologne Chemist Warehouse

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Eau De Toilette

We Say: This iconic, vaguely risque bottle has been around for some time. And the likelihood that you’ve smelled it before is high. It’s a fantastic day-to-night scent that features fresh aromatic opening notes (think mint and artemisia) that open into a warming and inviting cardamom heart before finishing with woody amber hints. Consider it a definite throwback fragrance that you’ll want another whiff of.

$79.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Estée Lauder Pleasures For Men Cologne

We Say: Pleasures is a woody yet fresh fragrance, opening with citrus scents that develop into a herbaceous gourmand aroma and ending with a long-lingering base of sandalwood, and forest moss. 

You Say: “It smells divine and that’s why I bought it for him! For MY benefit 😉 ! I think pleasures lasts all night, which is the best part especially if they spray it on their clothes!” – Kimi Vee

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$99.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Victoria Bitter – VB Thirst Longneck EDT

We Say: This fragrance is for the lovable Aussie larrikin in your life. What could be more of an iconic mens fragrance than one modelled after a VB longneck? Arguably, nothing. Not only will they love the joke of ‘wearing’ their beer, you’ll love getting to ‘refresh’ their scent with this sweet, bright, and citrusy scent.

$29.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Giorgio Armani Code Profumo for Men EDP

We Say: Armani Code is inspired by the sophistication of a perfectly tailored suit, and like a good suit, this fragrance has the long-lasting notes to last all day (and night) long. Intensely scintillating amber and tonka bean develop on your skin to embed a sensual scent with serious staying power.

$119.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Calvin Klein CK One

We Say: This unisex fragrance is the cleanest, freshest scent (that still has long-wearing properties). Notes of green tea blend with sweet fruits (pineapple, papaya and citrus), while accent notes of spices lay a warm, inviting base for a fragrance that defies gender. 

$39.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Versace Eros EDT

We Say: Versace of course has created a beautifully sophisticated, inviting scent. Beautifully packaged in a stunning faceted bottle, fresh notes develop into warm vanilla (a genderless fragrance we all love) before giving way to mossy woods. No wonder it’s named for the Greek god of love, because you and your man will both fall in love with this scent. 

$89.99 at Chemist Warehouse

YSL Kouros Body EDT

We Say: The warming combination of incense smoke and camphor wood is juxtaposed with fresh eucalyptus, playing on sexuality and masculinity. 

You Say: “This was the cologne my partner used when I met him, and he still uses it to this day. It drove me wild then, and it still does now, It has a very powerful yet soothing aroma. It is extremely masculine yet soft. The scent is beautifully unusual and was impossible for me to pinpoint what was in it. It’s the type of cologne that melts into the skin and becomes amazingly individual to the wearer’s natural scent.” -Dynamite89

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$99.99 at Chemist Warehouse

Main Image Credit: @hamishblakeshotz

What do you look for in a giftable scent? What’s your favourite men’s fragrance?

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