JERGENS ® Oil-Infused Deep Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend Trial Team

JERGENS ® Oil-Infused Deep Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend Trial Team


Sent to a panel of women aged 25-45 with concerns ranging from dry skin and uneven skin tone to dark marks and hyperpigmentation

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JERGENS ® Oil-Infused Deep Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend



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beautyheaven says:

If your skin has started resembling dry, reptilian scale-skin, we need you to listen to our members (and Jergens). The JERGENS ® Oil-Infused Deep Conditioning Shea + Cocoa Butter Blend moisturiser has been developed to leave your skin feeling ultra-nourished, hydrated and even a little more even. Yep, with the inclusion of hard-working active ingredient niacinamide, it works to reduce the appearance of any hyperpigmentation and dark spots you may have.

This squeeze tub meant that our Trial Team members were able to easily apply the naturally-derived moisturiser; a big win. The Trial Team members were also particularly fond of the whipped butter blend format, favouring it over a standard moisturiser. Made with African shea butter and cocoa, this mix could come across as a potentially oily (think greasy), however, our members loved that this moisturiser was able to quickly sink deeply and swiftly into their skin, leaving behind no uncomfortable residue. 

Many of our Trial Team spoke fondly about the fresh, sweet scent of the product, loving that they were able to have a hit of lingering scent from their earlier nourishing hydration hit. If you’re looking to add a little bit of affordable luxury to your day ($11.99 at Chemist Warehouse), then you need to try this moisturiser. Our members found that incorporating this moisturiser into their self-care routines gave them an added sense of everyday luxury. Bonus: the vegan formula is cruelty-free and even free from parabens. 

*Stats are based on a survey of 20 beautyheaven Trial Team members.

The products for this Trial Team have been provided by Jergens for the purpose of trial and review. All reviews submitted are the honest, authentic and genuine sentiments of the beautyheaven members participating in this trial.

You say:

“A whipped cream formula that has a pleasant scent that is not too overpowering. When used within a 3 week period, it left the skin hydrated without any sticky residue. [It] has deep moisturising properties, [and] nourishes the skin with vitamins B3 and vitamin E. When I use it, my skin is hydrated, soft, and [the product is] absorbed well. [I] could sleep in [IT] overnight without worrying it would rub all over the bed sheets. [Plus, it] did help in the evening and lighten some dark spots.” -Bunnyusagii, read more reviews here…

“Was really looking forward to trying this moisturiser. I love the products I have previously tried from Jergens. This one is no different, the packaging is on brand for Jergens and grabs your attention. I suffer from dry skin and found this moisturiser to be easy to apply and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky. It absorbs quickly and smells amazing! My skin feels amazingly soft and nourished and have [even] noticed a more even tone and less rough patches like elbows and knees! It is dermatologist-tested, vegan-friendly, cruelty and paraben-free which we love! I will continue to use this great product and will purchase it again when it runs out!” – Ashlie019, read more reviews here…

“This body lotion gives the maximum hydration with numerous additional benefits. I have been using it for a little over four weeks now and my skin looks nourished and glowing. It comes in a squeeze tube with a flip cap, making it easy to use straight out of the shower. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly. I can put on my clothes immediately after applying this lotion without it sticking to the fabric. Also, it smells amazing and natural, no chemical smell. My skin tone looks very even too. This is now a staple in my daily routine.” – GeeJ, read more reviews here…

“I have always loved every Jergens body lotion/cream I’ve tried so I knew this would also be fantastic. My skin has been super dry during pregnancy and my lower legs especially have been rather tight and itchy. I have also been looking for a thick cocoa butter blend with vitamin E to try ward off stretch marks on my belly (medium olive skin tone so I’m prone to hormonal pigmentation and stretch marks). This shea and cocoa blend is definitely super hydrating, but I love that it also absorbs very quickly into the skin and isn’t greasy, which is hard to find for such a nourishing formula. The vitamin E and niacinamide are such a bonus for evening out skin tone and making the skin appear brighter. I have used this for the past 3 weeks twice daily and I have definitely noticed a difference in the elasticity of my skin, and my skin tone has evened out slightly as well. I will keep using this and see how it fairs on my belly postpartum.” – GigiandBobbi, read more reviews here…

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