1 mth, 2 wks ago

Spam on Forum

There seems to be an influx of spam in Forum so it has take away the point of enjoying the topics and discussions

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  • 1 mth, 1 w ago

    This is an ongoing issue for year now more and more spam half of us don’t bother with the site much anymore

  • 1 mth, 1 w ago

    yeah there is an increase of spam as well as an increase in long term members having comments marked as spam (if they mention ingredients etc for example). Go figure!

  • 1 mth, 1 w ago

    I mark spam, but for many of them, I get a “You have already reported this user” message, which is frustrating.

  • 1 mth, 2 wks ago

    Not only spam but others writing in foreign languages ? I don’t mind if they also put in the English translations. They could be saying anything even trashing this site.

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