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Hope That You Had a Great Start to 2024

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that 2023 wasn’t a very good Year, because I had to put my Husband into a Residential Care Facility because he has, Delusional Dementia it took such a lot of paperwork to put my Husband into Residential Care, very Thankful for the Help of the Social Workers at the Hospital that helped me get through all the paperwork.

During this process I never bothered to check my Breasts regularly because I was so Overwhelmed with everything.
At Christmas Time 2023, I had a large Solid Lump in my Right Breast had a Mammogram and Ultrasound done, also had 3 Biopsies done as well.
After Christmas before New Year I went to my Doctor to get a diagnosis unfortunately I have Breast Cancer, made an appointment after The New Year with a Specialist Breast Surgeon and was told that I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Looks like 2024 isn’t going to be a Good Year Either !!!Unfortunately 2024 wasn’t much better

Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is a type of cancer that does not have any estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and HER2, which are found on the surface of cancer cells in other types of breast cancer.

Eventually I got an appointment with the Oncology Clinic because I kept ringing up begging for one, I got the appointment and my Breast Tumour Lump measures 6 cm now I am waiting for an appointment for Oncology to have my First Chemotherapy Treatment 😥 still Waiting also my Breast Tumour is very very Painful 😖😣

Please don’t forget to get Yourself Checked have a Mammogram and Ultrasound if you need a Biopsy have that too Stay Safe.

P.S Still haven’t heard from the Oncology Clinic yet to Start my Chemotherapy.

Lots of Love 💕 Margi59

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    So sorry to hear you have had such a bad run lately.. I hope your husband is settling in and doing ok and of course, wishing you so much strength for the journey ahead for you. Thank you for the reminder, I am seeing my mum today and she keeps putting off her mammogram so I will be giving some nudges.

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    It not been a good start to our year either, my husband had a nasty fall and has now managed to chip off a piece of his backbone. He has been in hospital for the past week with no idea when he will be able to come home. Then my son had to have his hand operated on. As far as breast cancer goes my Mum died of it and so did my younger sister,so I am very very careful and have my breasted check each year. I do hope you get so much better soon @Margi59

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    I hope 2024 is a better year for you! You sound like a survivor and one tough cookie after having all that thrown at you in 2023. Sending you lots of hugs and good healing vibes! Take care of yourself!

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    Hi Margi just wanted to send best wishes and thoughts and hope your treatment starts soon and 2024 gets better for you. Many of us thank you for a reminder to have a mammogram.

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    OMG, @Margi59! That’s just awful! I hope you can feel our love & well wishes through the web.

    I thought I had a cr*ppy start to the year – but nothing to compare to cancer, that EVIL B*STARD of a thing!

    I hope this cake gives you a chuckle.

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    @Margi59 Life throws up some huge curve balls and in your case that’s a lot at once to deal with. I hope you have the loving support of family and friends to help support you through your challenging times.

  • 3 wks, 3 days ago

    Thoughts are with you. So difficult to deal with the blows that life passes onto us.

  • 3 wks, 4 days ago

    I’m really sorry to hear about all that’s been happening, @Margi59. It must be a lot to process, after having to go through that difficult process for your husband’s care. Do you have support from family or friends?

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    Oh Gosh Margi, you are not having a good time. You have all our best wishes and whatever support we can offer, you can always rant/rave/whine/cry here with no judgement. It is good to remind everyone about mammograms, I’m off for my latest in a few hours.

  • 3 wks, 4 days ago

    You might know me as a follower on instagram @Margi59 , I was so sad to read your post. Last night I did a breast check on myself, although I know a mammogram is the best way to go, so thank you for your reminder. I hope chemo is successful for you and if your beautiful hair is lost it will regrow and you can get past this terrible time in your life x

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