1 mth ago

Priceline 50% off sale

Tomorrow I am off to Priceline to see if they have any really nice lipsticks in the 50% off sale. Just think a $50 lipstick for $25. Now thats what I call a bargain. Looking for a mauve shade I think, but might change my mind when and if I see anything.

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  • 4 wks ago

    last night my mum (she’s in the UK) said can you see if you can get me a Natio mascara cheap. She has very bad timing!!!

  • 4 wks, 1 day ago

    Good to hear we’re all contributing to the lipstick index 💋

  • 4 wks, 1 day ago

    I bought four lipsticks in the half price sale. I was having a bad day and needed retail therapy haha.

  • 1 mth ago

    I’m going to have a look there tomorrow and also hope to get some Christmas gifts.

  • 1 mth ago

    I also kept an eye out for Christmas gifts on sale but didn’t see much unfortunately. Oh well, Black Friday/ cyber Monday should be coming soon.

  • 1 mth ago

    I was in there a few days ago looking for Christmas gifts. I’d didn’t buy anything. In the past they’ve had some good gift packs.

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