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14 yrs, 7 mths ago

pappaw ointment…

has many uses
wat do u use it for?
lip gloss
bites etc

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  • 10 yrs, 5 mths ago

    I have tubes of Lucas Paw Paw ointment everywhere – at work, in my handbag, beach bag, makeup drawers, the kids take them in their bag to school. It`s the best product to use in winter on chaffed lips/skin and is great for bites or cuts.

  • lynxPlatinumLynx
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    10 yrs, 9 mths ago

    Pure Nutraceuticals makes a great Paw Paw Ointment which is more expensive but I chose to use it on my babies over the Lucas Brand, because it doesn`t contain those nasty petrochemicals.

  • 10 yrs, 9 mths ago

    I love this ointment!
    It smells really tasty, it is moisturising, it is created from a lot of organic products, it is cheap (I bought it for like 2.60$ ).
    Good buy)
    You can apply a lipstick over it and it adds a good finish)

  • 10 yrs, 9 mths ago

    Love paw paw ointment! I really love using it on my lips and on mozzy bites. Great also as a cuticle cream!

  • jaspreet
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    10 yrs, 10 mths ago

    I used to use it on my lips but I found that if I didnt use it often, I felt like my lips got drier… but it is amazing on grazes and when they are very dry to remove the flaky skin!

  • 10 yrs, 10 mths ago

    lip balm

  • Emmsie19PlatinumEmmsie19
    10 yrs, 10 mths ago

    Lucas` is also awesome as a cradle cap remedy for babies. Leave it on over night and the crusts brush out the next morning. Its also a cheap and cheerful lip balm for mummy!

  • 10 yrs, 10 mths ago

    I use the 25g tube of Lucas` Papaw Ointment as lipbalm. It softens my lips like a dream.

  • iluvfacialzPlatinumIluvfacialz
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    11 yrs ago

    I always keep a jar of Paw Paw in my bathroom, it`s one of those staple products you cannot do without. I use it on my lips, my elbows and somethimes my heels (before bed and then I put on socks so it doesn`t get everywhere). I also find it indispensible to use on my skin cancers. It really helps them, especially after they`ve been frozen and during the healing process, I`m sure it aids the healing.

  • 11 yrs ago

    I forgot to mention to you Papaw ointment fans, Sportsgirl now has a Papaw version of their “”Smooth Operator”” lip balm. It`s $4.95 for a 15ml tube and I think it probably has your typical slanted lip balm in a tube applicator (for those of you who don`t like the applicator on the Lucas` one).

    If anyone tries it, let me know how it goes as i`m tempted to try it since i`m a lip balm addict.

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