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Makeup Brush Sets

Hello my beauties,

I’m coming up to my big 40 😬 and my present to myself is going to be a nice new set of brushes….. question is, what ones do I get lol if anyone has any recommendations, I would be very grateful


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    For a blend of luxury and functionality, consider brands like Sigma Beauty, Morphe, or Real Techniques. Sigma offers professional-grade brushes known for their durability and precision. Morphe provides a wide range of affordable options without compromising on quality. Real Techniques boasts soft, synthetic bristles perfect for achieving flawless makeup looks. Whichever brand you choose, investing in quality brushes will elevate your beauty routine and make every application a breeze.

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    I find the body shop brushes to be really good quality

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    I love my Nude by Nature brushes. They don’t shed and wash very easily and dry fast.

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    Hey everyone!

    As I approach my milestone 40th birthday, I’m treating myself to a new set of makeup brushes. Any recommendations? I’d love to hear your favorites and suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Morphe X Ariel Signature Look 12-Piece Face & Eye Brush Set is worth it if you are after a quality set. I splurged on some Hourglass and a Chantacaille Buff and Blur Brush this year and they have improved my makeup application. I could not see the value for years in the brushes from these brands because they are very expensive for only one brush, but the reviews are invariably glowing. Finally bit the bullet. No regrets.

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      Oh wonderful! I do have a few morphe brushes that are still kicking on. I love my Real Techniques brushes but they keep shedding and it’s driving me crazy lol
      Thankyou for your recommendation x

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      Thankyou x

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    Priceline always have a good selection as does Chemist Warehouse.

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