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14 yrs, 5 mths ago

Chi Chi Cosmetics

i had to start a thread for Chi Chi

there stuff is so cute!!
There body butter is to-die-for
at the moment i have the peach and mango body souffle’
it is the most delicious thing i have ever smelt!

i also have 2 of the eye shadow pallets and i use them every day.
the eye pallets i have are
“Little miss rich bitch” (has a nice range including some greys and light blue, pink and purple)

and “Brazillian Goddess” (has bright blue, pink, red, orange, yellow and black)

they each come with a mirror and brushes too!

Chi Chi also have some really cute ‘packs’ that are great for presents too! (i got one for Christmas and was thrilled!)

so go and have fun with Chi Chi!

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  • 8 yrs, 1 mth ago

    Target has 30% off atm, am planning on getting the bronzes palette. I really love their BB cream, highly rec.

  • 8 yrs, 11 mths ago

    Chi Chi are on sale Myer atm and i just bought “”5 professional looks on the go”” which has 30 eye shadows, 3 bronzers, 2 blushes and 5 lipglosses all for … $13.50. Seems super cheap and at that price i decided to give it a go :)!

  • 9 yrs, 1 mth ago

    Has anyone tried depotting the shadow quad compacts? I just bought a Z-palette and want to get them in there as the compacts take up so much space.

  • 9 yrs, 2 mths ago

    I`m going to try out there Nude Paletter because it`s nearly an exact dupe for urban decay naked 1 palette 🙂 Exciting!

  • KreetyPlatinumKreety
    10 yrs, 3 mths ago

    I just bought their eyeshadow range today and i will def be going back for more as there is a sale at target for chi chi products. My goodness they are really good quality and the price is great!

  • 10 yrs, 5 mths ago

    Would love to know what their mascaras are like……..

    Cornflake girl, the 3D mascara is the only one I`ve tried but I was hooked once I tried it. It lengthens amazingly, makes them very black and thickens but not in a clumpy way.

  • 10 yrs, 5 mths ago

    Chi Chi 3D mascara is my fav mascara of all time. Super long luscious lashes!

  • NewbunPlatinumNewbun
    10 yrs, 5 mths ago

    ive always loved their perfumes and eyeshadows, since i couldnt get my hands on make up forever 92, i got `dont pimp my style` and its the best royal purple eyeshadow ive ever used. i forgot what theyre called but theyre lil palettes in clear white compacts are awesome, i got the rainbow one and the nude/browns one

  • TinaaaPlatinumTinaaa
    10 yrs, 7 mths ago

    i love chi chi 🙂 i bought some loose eyeshadows from target and loved them (they were on sale for $5, and then another 50% off). i have some of their glosses and eyeliners too. i much prefer their packaging than brands like covergirl, looks more expensive and pretty 🙂

  • Stephanie xxPlatinumStephanie xx
    10 yrs, 7 mths ago

    could i get chichi at priceline or is it just online?

    I`ve only seen it at Myer and Target. Not sure of an online stockist.

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