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6 Nail Hardeners That Actually Work

After reading the above I remembered something one of my friends told me about Cutex Hands and Nail Cream. I told her that my nails were spitting and she said hers were as well and she has started using the Cutex hand and nail cream and it seems to be working really well. It is very well priced as well. I am going to give it a go.

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    I have just ordered some Bodycollectiveco.com.au nail products that look good. You just brush the liquid on and it helps your nails from splitting, peeling and makes them stronger. In winter due to doing a lot of handwashing my nails need a bit more care so I have just done an order. They have a special bundle deal at the moment so now I wait and then test them out.

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    Use so many nail products and supplements and my nails still split and break.

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    @Normap: I’m not sure how you feel about supplements. My nails are bendy & peel, so I take Hair, Skin & Nails supplements. I’ve tried a few brands & I never notice any difference with my skin or hair, but my bendy nails get harder no matter which brand I use. I’ve had impressive results with the Cenovis one, so I’ve been using it exclusively now. It’s currently on sale at Chemist Warehouse, so I bought a few to stock up.

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