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Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash

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Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body wash is perfect for pampering and nourishing sensitive and dry skin. It boasts a mild and hypoallergenic formula that is gentle enough for everyday use in the shower.
Contains breakthrough NutriumMoisture® technology, which gently cleanses the skin while delivering the essential lipids needed to keep skin truly nourished, soft and healthy.


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Soft and Smooth Wash

This is my current body wash and in true Dove style it is amazing.
I purchased a 1litre bottle and because you only need the tiniest amount it will last me forever. While I dont tend to suffer from overly sensitive skin, I perfer lower fragrenced and moisturising body washes over the highly fragrenced sented ones. I also find some body washes leave me with itchy and drier skin, not this one at all.

The flip top lid is great making the product easy and efficent to use. You only need one pump/ squeeze and it lathes up quite nicely onto a washer.

The lotion itself is very thick and creamy, yet gentle on my skin. It does have the slighest fragrance but it is light and soft, and not overpowering. The lotion lathers up quite efficently but still provides a thick creamy lotion style so it feels very moisturising.
After using this product my skin feels so soft and very moisturising. This body wash leaves my skin feeling smooth, and makes moisturising after my shower a breeze. The lotion just glides on. When not using moisturiser after using this body wash my skin still feels amazing and rich. It does leave a slight fragrence but nothing overpowering. My skin literally drank up this moisture rich wash!
I like this body wash because it is gentle and light- and wont take away from my body moisturisers or perfumes. I like the fact that my skin feels very clean, yet nourished soft and healthy. Plus unlike some other body washes it doesnt leave any residure.
My skin has not reacted with this, and I am not left with itchy over perfumed skin.
Would recommend this for people with dry and sensitive skin! It is perfect all year around too, because it is light enough for summer and rich enough for winter. A perfectly balanced body wash!

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I am a big fan of Dove and enjoy trying their products. I bought this one on special last week. It is very smooth and just has a very soft scent to it.

I found it left my skin feeling smooth and moisturised.

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Glam fairy


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I recently purchased this product as it was the only one available in the huge 1L bottle at my local woolworths. It comes in a hand pump bottle that it great for getting the right amount of wash out.

This product basically has the same scent as most dove products, it is quite pleasant and a bit of a soapy smell. the product lathers up quite well so you don't need to use heaps of product to get a good foamy wash.

I find this wash to be quite good it leaves my skin feeling clean, smelling good and most of all it does not dry out my skin. Overall this is a good body wash and I will use it again.

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Great for sensitive sin

I received this body wash to trial in the middle of the winters when my skin feels dry and tight and this body wash came as a saviour for my dry winter skin.
Body wash is very similar to other dove body washes with a squirt top that came in handy in the shower and makes it easy to use.
The consistency is very light and creamy but it produces enough bubbly lather to make my skin feel clean and refreshing. The fragrance is not very overpowering that makes it perfect for the sensitive nose. I love how it makes my skin feel after the shower, it feels very soft and don't even need to use my body lotion which is very unusual for me specially in winters.
Overall I am ver happy with results and definitely keep using it.

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Trial Team Review

I was really excited to receive this wash to trial as it could not have come at a better time of year for my poor dry, itchy, eczema prone skin.

This wash is another great product from Dove that has a gorgeous soft scent, lathers nicely and makes me feel clean and fresh after use.

I loved how this body wash made my skin feel. There was no dryness at all and some nights I could even skip moisturiser if I was too tired and this is something that I can NEVER do without regretting it later.

It comes in the usual Dove type of plastic bottle with a flip top lid and is a great size which lasts for ages.

I will definitely be purchasing this wash again because for the price I don't think there is much else out there that compares.

An awesome product!

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Perfect for sensitive skin

I am loving Dove products more and more these days and this lovely shower gel was no exception. Most of the time, I wouldn't sy my skin is particularly sensitive but I have found some shower products can make my skin itchy, especially after waxing or shaving. This worked a treat and the scent was soft and not at all overpowering. Reminded me of the Dove bar actually, just in a liquid form. My only complaint was that this didn't seem to lather quite as nicely as some other shower gels I have used, so I felt like I was going through more product and using up my bottle much faster than I would've liked. But at such a bargain price, it's not a big deal! Can't wait to try out some more of the Dove shower gels now, highly reccommend giving this a shot if you find your skin has a problem with heavily scented or exfoliating gels.

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Deliciously creamy lather

This body wash has the most beautiful fealing creamy lather I have ever felt. It feels more like you are applying moisturiser but then it lathers up with big bubbles. I was quite surprised at just how lovely it felt to use.

The body wash comes in a standard squirt container - so was nice and easy to dispense the amount yoyu wanted. I usually went for quite a generous blob as i just loved the feel of massaging it all over my skin.

It has a slight fragrance - not once that was particularly offensive but also not one that I loved. Just a standard generic kind. I do prefer my shower gels to have a bit more fragrance though can understand the subtle fragrance on a product for sensitive skin.

I found that after my shower my skin felt really soft and moisturised - not tight and dry like it has been feeling throughout winter. I could actually get away without moisturising afterwards which was a huge bonus. M skin never felt itchy or scaly - just smooth and calm.

I loved everything about this body wash apart from its fragrance - that was the only thing that held me back from giving it 5. It wouldnt turn to it as my everyday body wash however it is one that i would like to have on hand for times when my skin is feeling extra dry and sensitive or if it has gotten sunburnt as it was so lovely and soothing to use.

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Lovely clean scent!

I was given this product to trial for 3-4 weeks. I used it on a daily basis in the shower, I used a loofah or body puff with the body wash which made it easy to create a nice, creamy lather.

My skin is especially dry during the winter season and I found that this body wash helped keep my legs less scaly. Along with a body moisturiser I felt it did improve the hydration of my skin. It was hard to tell whether it was the body wash that did this or the body creme.

The smell of the body wash was clean, fresh and soothing. It was easy on the if you have a sensitive nose to perfumes this would be perfect for you. The scent lasted on the skin for a little while, but not long enough! I like how it made my skin smell squeaky clean though.

The lather was rich and lovely, the formula is a thick, white cream. I felt throughly cleansed after using the body wash. You only need a 20 cent sized piece of body wash to wash the entire body. I only used up half of the bottle within the 3-4 weeks so this would probably last for 2 months. And my partner was using it too!

Great packaging, similar to that of other DOVE body washes, it fits well into the shower caddy and easily dispensed from the top.

Such a great product for a great price, only $7 and lasts for 2 months. What more could you ask of a body wash!???

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Dove Love-(trial team review)

This product in another jewel in Dove's body care crown.From the texture to the packaging, I am pleased with every feature.I have psoriasis and extremely dry skin on my arms hence always keen on trialing sensitive skin products.This felt gentle and nourishing, left my skin smooth but not a fan of the soapy scent though its lot less stronger than other Dove body products.IAfter ushing I didn't feel the need to moisturise which is always a plus considering shortness of time most days.

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Ms Billi


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Smells great!

This is another amazing Dove product to add to my list of favorites. Firstly I feel like it is fantastic value for money because it comes in such a great size bottle which lasts a good while even with daily use. The bottle is a great shape so it fits in my shower and is easy to hold in my hands without dropping.

Secondly, the product is effective at cleaning your skin without stripping natural oils. I feel that this product leaves my skin feeling soft, clean and moisturised after use.

I love the soft scent which is lovely and is so relaxing in the shower. The product is a beautiful creamy texture that lathers up nicely and feels so luxurious for such a great price.

My skin is prone to eczema but this product didn't cause me any irritations or breakouts which is a big plus and means that I will be purchasing it again in the future.

Overall I really enjoyed using this product and would highly recommend it.

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