Tips to get you through your period

04 Sep 2011 05:00 AM | Posted by Editor
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“My tips are to carry lots of pain relief to take the edge off of cramps...And of course, make sure your handbag is well stocked with your supplies - the last thing you need is to get to the bathroom and realise you've run out of tampons/pads.” – Missteaaddict

“I always try to avoid sugar cravings, I get them real bad. I find its good to always have sugar-free jelly on hand, and sugar-free gum. Plus, fruit is really good as well, as the natural sugars will help to satisfy your sweet tooth.” – Discomilk

“I drink less coffee around this time and take extra fish oil and evening primrose oil a week before the PMS normally starts, it helps with the symptoms like being emotional and bloated and things like this, it helps ease the cramps a little too, and I eat a banana a day too as I was told that it has vitamins in them to help also.” – Animal Lover

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Do you suffer during your period? How to you avoid or ease cramps, cravings, and being in a bad mood?