Blogstar entry: the dry facts

07 Nov 2011 05:00 AM | Posted by bh'sLeanne
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When it came to choosing which beauty product to rave about, I envisioned shimmery bronzers, angled liner brushes... y'know, glamorous stuff like that. So I dove into my bathroom cabinet, but after half-an-hour of rummaging, I was at an impasse.

Here's my beauty dilemma: while all these products are great & make me pretty, most of them I wouldn't consider 'life-changing'. Except for one. And it ain't glamorous.

I'm talking pits, ladies. Underarms. And sweaty ones. Eeww.

It wasn't always this bad for me. I led a pretty arid existence until my 20s, when suddenly, it felt like someone had turned on the water main to my pits. I remember being on location for a video shoot in humid 30 degree heat, and every time someone yelled 'cut!', I'd run off-set to stuff big wads of tissue into my underarms. By the end of the shoot, I’d used up the entire box. Embarrassed, much?

I've had this problem for over a decade now – it’s hyperhidrosis, otherwise known as excessive sweating. Up till now, I've had to rely on my regular antiperspirant (and packets and packets of tissues). In desperation, I even went to a specialist, who told me that surgery or botox may or may not work, and could just end up being a very expensive experiment. All my hopes of a moistureless future were dashed.

But, wait… here comes Beauty Heaven to the rescue!

One day, I'm reading the BH Forums and I come across a thread about excessive sweating, on which someone recommended Rexona Clinical Protection. So I thought I’d give it a shot.

Following the instructions, I applied it at night, so that it would absorb into the skin and not leave a residue on my clothes the next morning. It has a pleasant fragrance and creamy texture which is easy to apply.

For the first few days, it didn't seem to make any difference. To be sure I got it right, I checked the instructions again (apply before bedtime, check; two-clicks of the dial, check check). I was close to tossing it into the back corner of my cupboard, next to the epilator that I never use (ouch) and a dusty box of expired hair dye. But I recalled reading that it takes a few days to kick in, so I persevered.

I'm SO glad I did. Now, even on hot days, my underarms don't even feel damp, and sweat-stains that made me look like I worked on a construction site are a thing of the past. All my tops with tight-fitting sleeves that were once destined for the Salvos, I can now wear again. It even lasts for the 48 hours that it claims! I feel like that girl in the ads who’s smiling and wearing white clothes, walking in slow-mo with her hair in the breeze…

Ok, so now that I've covered antiperspirants, maybe next year I'll do something more glamorous - like angled liner brushes...



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