Stress relief for your zodiac sign

Stress relief for your zodiac sign

Your zodiac sign can tell you a lot about yourself – not only your personality traits and love predictions but also the makeup you should wear, which nail colour best suits you and my personal favourite, the stress relief method you should be using. 

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Stress affects everybody, but suitable coping mechanisms vary from person to person. If you are looking for a new, effective method to calm your mind and soothe your soul, then pay attention to the following…


You are: Strong, courageous and fearless. You have loads of energy, are willing to take on any challenge that comes your way, and often burn out quickly.

You should:Meditation will help you catch a breather before it’s too late. 


You are: Kind, reliable and dedicated. Ruled by earth, you enjoy being outdoors and amongst nature. 

You should: Pop in your earphones and go for a long walk. Remember to stop and smell the flavours, both literally and figuratively.


You are: Fast paced, charismatic and always open to new experiences and adventures. 

You should: Establish a healthy routine. Join the local gym, it will keep you active, force you to commit but still give you the opportunity to try new things (say a weights class one day, spin the other). 

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You are: Emotional, compassionate and super empathetic. You often take a motherly approach to social situations. 

You should: Take your dog for a walk, spend quality time with loved ones, volunteer at a nursing home or find another way to help others. You will benefit from anything that will get your mind off your own emotions and onto other people. 


You are: Super confident, energetic and full of vigour. A natural born leader, you love to be in control.

You should: Try a fast-paced form of exercise to channel all that boundless energy. Running, cardio boxing and cross-fit would all do the trick.   


You are: Intelligent, practical and analytical. Your greatest strength is your mind, and you approach all situations with reason.

You should: Organise your thoughts with a daily journal. Write down what you’re grateful for, your to-do list and any other thoughts that come to your busy mind. 


You are: Charming, balanced and diplomatic. You can be indecisive, and try to avoid conflict and confrontation. 

You should: Try yoga, as it will satisfy your need for balance in your mind, body and soul.

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You are: Sensitive, intuitive and emotional. You are also known to hold a grudge. 

You should: Take some time out to do you. When you’re feeling particularly stressed, run a long, hot bath and sprinkle some Aveda Stress-Fix™ Soaking Salts in it to help relieve any pent-up emotion.


You are: You are optimistic, energetic and like to dream big. A natural born adventurer, you also love to travel.

You should: To avoid feeling constrained, you should spend plenty of time outdoors. A hike in the bush, a day at the beach and any other form of outdoor physical activity will do you a world of good. 


You are: Patient, disciplined and ambitious. You are often quite hard on yourself.

You should: Give martial arts a go; your need for discipline will thrive.


You are: Intelligent, eccentric and full of ideas. You love to think outside the box.

You should: Hone all of your energy and your abundance of ideas into art. Try a making collage, putting together a board on Pintrest or even painting.


You are: Sensitive, compassionate and imaginative. You are most likely an introvert, and prefer your own company. 

You should: Unwind from the stressors of daily life with a good book.  

What’s your zodiac sign? Do you recommend any other methods of stress relief?

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