Your guide to in-salon nails vs DIY manicures

Your guide to in-salon nails vs DIY manicures

If you ask me, nothing lifts your overall beauty look quite like a manicure.

Whether you prefer a fashionable French mani or a pop of colour, those perfectly painted nails have the power to make you look polished as all hell – even if you don’t feel it.

Unsurprisingly, here at bh we’re quite fastidious about nail care – and this extends to our manicures. Some of us are fanatical about DIY nail painting, while others (myself included) will happily splurge on professional in-salon manicures.

Below, bh’s Anna and Tina share their own manicure routines (including the pros of their preferences)…

DIY manicure – bh’s Tina

Products used left to right: CND Creative Play Base Coat, CND Creative Play Nail Lacquer in Oh! Flamingo, CND Creative Play Top Coat

Why she loves DIY:I love DIY manicures as it’s my way of relaxing after a hectic week at work. I’ve tried nearly every nail colour on the spectrum, from peacock blue to cherry red. These days though, I prefer neutral colours as they’re versatile and go with the majority of my outfits… but I couldn’t resist rocking a pop of pink for this photoshoot!

I like that I can file my nails to the shape I want when I do my own manicures. It’s also not unusual for me to change my nail colour every few days, as I love to experiment with new colours and match my nails to my mood! It’s great having the freedom to change the colour whenever I feel like it. Being a busy bee, I usually don’t have time to spend an hour or two in a nail salon to get my nails done (even though I don’t mind a salon manicure once in a while!).”

In-salon manicure – bh’s Anna

Products used: OPI GelColor in She’s a Bad Muffuletta!, Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment

Why she loves to go pro: “From the very first time I got my nails done (for my year 10 formal!), I was hooked on in-salon manicures. Over the years I’ve gone through phases and have tried new trends, colours, shapes and techniques. I went through a serious acrylic stage, but I’ve stuck with my natural nails with shellac or gel colour for quite some time. I prefer in-salon manis because I can never achieve the same professional finish when I do it myself – they tend to chip or smudge because I am way too clumsy! Plus, there are SO many more colour options!

‘What is the quality of my nails like?’ I hear you ask. Well, now that I stick with shellac or gel colour instead of acrylics they’re not too bad, because I always get them taken off in the salon rather than ripping them off myself. I do give my nails time off for a bit of TLC (I use strengthening serums and polishes like Sally Hansen Complete Care 7-in-1 Nail Treatment), then it’s back to the salon for a stint in the massage chair… life’s tough!”

Do you paint your own nails, or do you prefer to leave it to the professionals? 

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