“Why lash extensions are the best thing I’ve ever done”


In my quest for bigger, brighter peepers, I decided to get eyelash extensions for the first time. After hearing many a beauty editor rave about Love Those Lashes in Sydney’s Paddington, I booked in with salon owner Debra Sloane, a lovely lady who’s been in the biz for over seven years. Now, I’m all a-flutter about lashes, and on a mission to convince everyone else to go longer.

Here, I’ve done a little interview with myself about the experience – if you have any more questions, comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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Q. What did the eyelash extension treatment involve?

First, I had a consult with a lash technician to assess my natural lashes, and then design a lash set just for me. My biggest concern was whether the extensions would damage my lashes, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. The whole process is very intricate, and ensures all natural lashes remain healthy and intact.

After the consult, it was time to get started. First, a collagen eye pad was placed over my bottom eyelashes to protect them. The technician also brushed my natural lashes and coated them in protein remover to cleanse and remove any pollutants.

I opted for silk lashes, which look and feel most natural, and are the most popular option thanks to their raving reputation. Each lash was dipped into glue and then gently dropped onto my natural lash. This process was repeated until there were no more natural lashes to apply the extensions to. My lashes were brushed sporadically throughout the hour-long application, and once all extensions were on, the technician applied an endurance coating, which will make sure my new lashes last.

I have an appointment in three weeks for a refill – this is just to replace any extensions that may have grown out or fallen off, and takes about half the time as the initial treatment. Stay tuned!

Q. How did it feel to get eyelash extensions?

It was odd.. I thought it was going to hurt, and I expected to feel uncomfortable, but the technicians are really gentle, and soon enough, I forgot they were there! The weirdest part is when they applied the under-eye pad, which holds the bottom lashes down so they don’t get caught in the process. By doing so, there was a small gap between my eyelid and bottom lashes, so I could feel cool air now and then. My eyes were shut the whole time, and when I eventually opened them, I thought they’d feel heavy, like false eyelashes. But in fact, they were so light, it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything.

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Q. How was your experience at the salon?

Sooo relaxing. I hopped on to the bed, and was promptly covered with a warm blanket. There was relaxing music playing in the background – I swear I almost nodded off! I didn’t do it this time, but Love Those Lashes is introducing a brilliant new treatment: get a mani or pedi at the same time as your lashes. Two birds, one stone!

Q. What were the results like?

Check out the pictures! After I had the treatment, I went straight back to work and put on a full face of make-up, including big, winged liner because we were filming in the studio, so I didn’t really have a chance to sit down and bat my lashes at the mirror until I got home that night. I took off my make-up, and couldn’t believe how much my eyes popped. My boyfriend also keeps telling me how pretty my eyes look – I think he likes them, too!

Who can get eyelash extensions?

I’d recommend them for anyone looking to add some length or volume to their lashes. They’re amazing – I don’t have to wear mascara ever and I wake up with big, beautiful, bold lashes. Who wouldn’t want that? I’m officially a convert.

For more information or to book, visit www.lovethoselashes.com.au.

Have you had lash extensions before, or would you like to get them?

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