The dos and don’ts of getting a massage

The dos and don’ts of getting a massage

Nothing is quite as luxurious as treating yourself to a massage. Whether you’re popping in for a 30-minute Thai massage or setting aside an hour and a half for a soothing aromatherapy massage, you know you’ll leave floating on cloud nine.

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Make your next massage even better (and do your therapist a favour) by following these tips…


… shower beforehand
Rocking up at the end of a long day means you’re probably a little sticky and sweaty. To make it a more pleasant experience for both you and the masseuse, rinse off prior to your appointment.

… arrive 10 minutes early
If you’re visiting the spa for the first time, you’ll most likely need to fill in a form, so get there early to ensure that admin doesn’t eat into your appointment time. Also, most massage places have back-to-back bookings, so by turning up late, you’ll cut your own peaceful massage short.

… divulge any injuries or sore spots
Got a niggling injury? Avoid worsening it by letting your masseuse know. That way, they can avoid the area or perhaps pay it some attention to relieve pain. And if your shoulders or lower back is particularly sore (thanks, desk jobs!), tell the therapist so they can work out any knots. Ahhh.

… control the pressure
We’ve all been there –you’re lying there suffering through a hard massage that’s bordering on painful, or feeling as though you’ve wasted your moolah on a massage that’s way too soft. Pre-massage, tell your therapist what kind of pressure you’d like, and definitely speak up if you’d like it a firmer or softer hand.


… stress about forgetting to shave
Massage therapists have seen everything, so if you realise mid-appointment that your legs and underarms are well overdue for a wax, don’t fret. Just think, they massage men with hairy legs all the time –  they’re used to it!

… bother dolling yourself up
Remember, you’re there to relax, so pop on your sweats, ditch the make-up, and tie your hair up into a loose pony. Your treatment may include a face and head massage anyway, so rock up au natural without a care in the world. #bliss

… worry about scaly skin
Skipped moisturising this morning? No problem! Your masseuse will be slathering you with oil or some sort of lotion, so let your skin soak up the goodness. Also, don’t shower as soon as you get home –  lounge around for a while to allow your bod to absorb the oil even more.

… forget to drink plenty of water afterwards
During a massage, your body releases toxins, which then move through your muscles and organs. It’s important to flush them out by guzzling water post-massage. Drink up!

Do you like to get massages? What are your before, during and post-massage rules?

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