What is hydro microdermabrasion?


Microdermabrasion has been a staple treatment at medi-spas and clinics across Australia for years. Many people who suffer from acne swear by regular microdermabrasion treatments to help manage their breakouts, however, even if you don’t suffer from acne, microdermabrasion can be incredibly effective.

Personally, I love microdermabrasion and get treatments about once every two months. While I don’t suffer from acne, I get this treatment regularly to exfoliate my skin, fade pigmentation, and help with my fine lines and crow’s feet.

So when I heard about a different type of micro treatment called hydro microdermabrasion at endota spa, I knew I had to get the scoop. I chatted with Helen Robb Lacey, endota Head of Training, to learn about hydro microdermabrasion, how it differs from the classic micro treatment, and all its amazing benefits!

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What is hydro microdermabrasion?

“Hydro-microdermabrasion is a results driven facial that will replenish, plump and rejuvenate your skin and goes one step further than traditional microdermabrasion,” Helen explains. “The diamond tip resurfaces the skin to exfoliate deeply, removing spent skin cells while vacuum suction stimulates blood flow to assist in promoting cell renewal and collagen production.”

How does it differ from traditional microdermabrasion?

While some hydro microdermabrasion treatments don’t involve the diamond exfoliating tip at all, the treatment at endota spa does. They use the diamond exfoliating tip in conjunction with a customised serum to treat the patient’s specific skin conditions. Basically, you get all the benefits of microdermabrasion with a personalised solution that’s both effective and incredibly hydrating for the skin.

Who should try hydro microdermabrasion?

Helen says that hydro microdermabrasion is for “someone who wants the combination of relaxation with serious results.” These results include combating ageing, congested or blemished skin, fine wrinkles, acne, enlarged pores and hyper-pigmentation.

What happens during a hydro microdermabrasion treatment?

“The hydro-microdermabrasion treatment begins with a consultation where your endota spa therapist will determine your skin’s needs.” Helen explains that this is when the treatment is tailored for the patient. Tailoring includes the selection of suction level, exfoliation level and endota fuse solution to deliver the desired results. “The treatment intensely resurfaces and targets specific skin conditions and involves a vacuum pressure tool that gently lifts the skin to the diamond tip as it glides across the skin to gently but effectively exfoliate and remove spent skin cells, whilst simultaneously infusing moisture.” Each patient is sent home with a personalised prescription and treatment plan for at-home aftercare to address further skin concerns and maintain results.

How often should you get hydro microdermabrasion?

“This treatment can be experienced every 1- 2 weeks depending on the skin’s condition, to begin with you may have the treatment every week to speed up the results. To achieve maximum results this treatment should be booked weekly or in a Power Series of 4 x 30 minute treatments to resurface, hydrate and brighten the skin.” Helen also notes that it’s an ideal treatment to get before a big event or special occasion, but keep in mind that you may peel a little bit for up to 3 days after.

Please advice endota spa if you are pregnant before booking this treatment.

Have you tried hydro microdermabrasion?

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