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Ever wondered what it’s like to get a skin resurfacing laser treatment? bh’s Bree did, so she signed up for a Fraxel treatment at The Clinic in Bondi Junction.

So what is Fraxel? It’s a minimally invasive clinical laser treatment, which resurfaces ageing and sun-damaged skin to reveal a refreshed and glowing complexion in a matter of days.

Watch Bree’s video above, or check out her thoughts below. We think the results speak for themselves – just look at that glow!

Q. Why did you decide to get Fraxel? Who is it suited for?

A. After recently having a baby and breastfeeding, my skin looked dull and pigmented. I wanted to do something that would boost my skin and give it a noticeable glow, as well as soften fine lines and lighten pigmentation. But Fraxel doesn’t only help with dullness and pigmentation – it’s also great for anyone wanting to tackle the signs of ageing, sun damage or scarring.

Q. What does the Fraxel treatment involve?

A. When I arrived at The Clinic for my appointment, a numbing ”‹cream was applied to my face. After approximately one hour, the cream had taken effect and it was time for the Fraxel laser. The laser is a bright red light that is rolled over your skin in sections. The treatment itself took no more than fifteen minutes and felt”‹ slightly prickly and warm. I found there were moments of”‹ discomfort, but no pain.”‹

Immediately after the treatment, my skin felt hot, so cool air was blown on my face. My skin was slightly red, similar to mild sunburn. But the hour and a half following was rather uncomfortable – my skin felt intensely hot, so during the car ride home I blasted my car air-con directly on my face for relief.”‹

Q. How many treatments do you need to have?

A. It depends on your skin concerns and condition, but it’s usually between one and five treatments. I achieved ”‹my desired results after just one recommended treatment.

Q. Was there any downtime?

A. There was no pain after the initial one and a half hours of intense heat. Appearance-wise, the downtime was a lot better than I anticipated. I went to work the following day and my face was slightly swollen with what looked like pixelated sunburn. Over the following three days, my skin was really dark brown and began shedding, so when I needed to leave the house, I just popped on a big hat and sunnies.

Q. Now, let’s talk results! Have you noticed a difference in the appearance of your skin?

A. As I write this, I’m currently at day six and the initial results are great – my complexion is even and my pigmentation is almost unnoticeable. It feels like my imperfections were brought to the surface and removed to reveal a fresh layer of healthier skin. I’m excited to see how my skin continues to change over the coming weeks. As the laser worked on a deep level to stimulate collagen, I should see improvements every day.

Would you like to try Fraxel? What are your main skin concerns?

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  1. I had this treatment last year and I was so happy with the results. It reduces the fine lines around my eyes, removed some of the redness in my face and acne scarring. I only had one treatment. I’d probably wait a few more years before I get it again. It was a bit pricey, $1300 so it’s not something I would have done regularly or want to have multiple sessions of at a time.

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