The wellness trends to know about this year

The wellness trends to know about this year

With celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow touting everything from crystals to meditation to vagina steaming, it’s hard to know what falls under the wellness category… or if any of it is legitimate at all. But there is no denying that with all the hype, has come genuine growth in the area of wellness, proven by beauty powerhouses such as Sephora and Adore Beauty even introducing wellness categories on site.  We caught up with Kate Morris, founder of Adore Beauty to pick her brain about wellness; from what it is, what to expect in the coming year and where you should really be spending your money (if it’s your kind of thing).

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For a start, what even is wellness? Morris explains it as “taking time to look after yourself…As women we often fall into the routine of caring for others, but wellness is about taking time to nurture ourselves,” she explains. And this can be in more ways than one – “I think the concept should be very holistic. There are many areas of our lives where we should be nourishing ourselves, whether that be exercising, eating the right foods, meditating, sleeping, or just finding enough time to have a bath or read a book by ourselves,” says Morris. “Wellness is anything that makes you feel good about yourself.”

What are the biggest wellness trends of 2019 shaping up to be?

“I see the more spiritual trends becoming mainstream, just as yoga has – crystals, Ayurveda, etc. I also see the start of a big movement towards sustainability, ethical and conscious consumption…how can we make good decisions about quality products, so that we don’t waste money or resources?” says Morris. “For many it’s still a new idea to look at beauty holistically, and they’re just starting to embrace it, so have never tried any products [in the ‘wellness’ realm before]. And of course it makes sense – you won’t look great or feel great if you’re not sleeping well, for example.”

It can be overwhelming getting started – if you are looking to enter the beauty and wellness space, where do you start?

“Start with a daily supplement, such as The Beauty Chef Glow or Welleco Super Elixir (find both at The first step is to get used to having an extra step in your routine, and these are the hero products for a reason,” says Morris.

“From there, you can move onto whatever issue is of most concern for you. There are specific products for almost every concern e.g. sleep teas, deep-cleanse supplements, products for acne, hair loss, etc. Oh – and get a silk pillowcase. They are the BEST and will change your life.”

A few wellness products the bh team can’t get enough of include: Nutrimetics Jade Roller, The Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder, Vida Glow Marine Collagen, Jurlique Calming Blend Aromatherapy Mist, Aveda Stress Fix Body Creme , Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil, Kora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer and the SHHH Sleep Silk Eye Mask (find the above products at

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What are you thoughts on the emerging wellness space in beauty? Do you use any products like the ones mentioned?

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