Well rested and radiant

Well rested and radiant

Whether it’s down to a bouncing (and wailing) new bub, young tots and their night terrors, stress or a serious condition like insomnia, sleep deprivation is more prevalent than we might have initially thought.

And you and I both know the importance of beauty sleep – not just to ensure bags stay at bay and our complexion looks fresh rather than fatigued, but to guarantee we can get through the day with a smile on our face and a mental alertness that prevents us from having a complete melt down.

Yet I’m sure there have been times when we have all been rudely robbed of our sleep and have been left to face the day feel dreary and about as enthused as a child taking a trip to the dentist. So what’s a girl to do to stimulate heavy eyelids and a touch of the snores?

Recipe for relaxation

Create a tranquil environment with a calming candle like Be Genki Serenity Candle. Scented with essential oils of rose otto, neroli, palmarosa, rosewood and bergamot, which are known for their soothing properties, candles can be used day or night to help alleviate stress and anxiety and bring about a state of peacefulness.

Take a warm candlelit bath. A soak in Niyama Naturopathic Skin Therapy Petitgrain Relax Bath Salts is sure to melt away some of the stresses of daily life. Therapeutic Epsom and sea salts along with essential oils of jasmine, neroli and ylang ylang help to relax the entire body, alleviating tension and muscle tightness.

Once out of the bath, nourish the body while it’s still warm with Jurlique Lavender Body Oil. The relaxing scent of lavender will soothe mind and body.

Get some homeopathic help with Pretorius Homeopathic Relax. These chewable tablets contain gelsemium and ignatia to help relieve anxiety. They won’t cause drowsiness and are non-dependable, making them safe enough to take day or night (two tablets to be taken twice daily only).

Exercise to induce sleep

Any form of exercise is a wonderful way to clear the mind, release stress and tension and see you on your way to a state of relaxation. Try a walk in the fresh air – whether it’s around your local suburb, at a nearby park or along the beach. And remember that even a 10-minute stroll is better than nothing so don’t think that the fact you’re strapped for time stands up as a good excuse. In fact, don’t think at all – just get out and do it!

Before hitting the sack (this can even be done while lying in bed) try a few yoga poses to bring about a state of relaxation. The Goddess Pose asks you to lie on the floor or the bed with your arms at your sides (but not touching your body) and your hands facing the ceiling. Bend your legs and bring your feet into your groin and then allow your knees to fall out to the sides.

Once in this position, simply focus on your breathing. Take long slow breaths and try to keep them consistent. Alternatively practice running through a reiki colour exercise. Think of each of the colours in order [red – feet, orange – groin area, yellow – abdomen, green – heart, blue – throat, indigo – forehead, violet – top of head] and try to picture as vividly as you can an object or thing in that colour. Take orange for example, you might envisage a beautiful orange sunset or a bright orange dress or even a vivid orange eyeshadow.

Are you sleep deprived? What’s worked for you?

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