Tropical treat

Tropical treat

Don’t get me wrong, facials certainly have their place in the pampering stakes. But even the best facial is a necessary evil if you ask me. Yes, the massage can be exquisite and sleep-enducing, but steam, microdermabrasion, tingly masks and, eek, extractions are hardly relaxing.

Body treatments on the other hand equal pure bliss. Especially at a luxury day spa such as the one I had the pleasure of recently visiting at Palm Cove’s Sea Temple resort.

Forgive me for boasting. Pevonia Botanica recently took a gaggle of beauty editors to Palm Cove in far north Queensland to launch its new Ligne Tropicale de-aging bodycare line. Lucky, lucky us: two days in the tropical sunshine and the chance to experience Pevonia Botanica’s Tropical Oasis Body Treatment.

First up: body exfoliation using the new De-Aging Saltmousse, applied to dry skin with long strokes. Because it’s a foaming product, the therapist uses damp hands to lather it up lightly. Apparently as the salt dissolves, the tropical fruit extracts infuse the skin with anti-ageing phtyo-extracts, which means softer skin on the spot.

This product is one you can use at home as well and I plan on doing it before a shower to get the best results from the sea salt all the way from Brittany, France. As well as being gritty and sudsy, De-Aging Saltmousse leaves skin super silky thanks to the carrot seed oil content.

Next, the Tropical Oasis Mango-Passion Fruit Yoghurt Body Wrap is applied for toning, firming and brightening. I’m not usually a fan of body wraps. They make me feel claustrophobic and given this one was made with yoghurt, I was concerned I’d feel a little like a lamb kebab. But after my therapist painted on the cool creamy paste, she wrapped me loosely in a blanket and set to distracting me with a most wonderful head massage.

Instead of fingertips, she uses a paddle brush. The bristles create a gentle scratchy sensation without tangling my long hair and I loved it. Best of all, she does it without oil so I can leave the spa without washing my hair.

Head massage over it’s time to rinse off the salt and yoghurt mix in the adjoining shower with too many showerheads to count in my lovely mid-treatment haze. Back on the bed I have my second encounter with the Pevonia Botanica products also suitable for home use.

A quick spritz with the De-Aging Mist is followed by a light massage using the rich De-Aging Body Balm. The combination has me convinced papaya and pineapple is a perfectly suitable thing to smell like. Desirable even. The scent is so yummy and fresh I feel like I’m on a tropical holiday. Hang on, I am. Even though I’d left the cold of Sydney behind just that same morning, the treatment and change of scenery has me as relaxed as a few days off usually would.

And my skin? Deliciously dewy and soft enough to make me want to bare my legs for the first time in months. The super luxe De-Aging Body Balm will definitely become part of my summer body maintenance. Even if I won’t be using it while on a tropical holiday, it will definitely help me to pretend.

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