TriBella Review: We try the $1,000 skin treatment everyone’s raving about


If you ask us, women only get better with age. But if the signs of skin ageing are starting to give you the sh*ts, chances are you’re open to the idea of reversing or at least slowing down the effects.

And when it comes to such treatments, TriBella is the latest one making noise.

“TriBella is an anti-ageing skincare treatment using the Venus Versa device,” Doctor Sonia Batra, co-host of the Emmy Award-winning talk show The Doctors and board-certified dermatologist tells beautyheaven. “Three different handpieces are used to target discoloration and improve skin firmness and texture.”

The treatment is completed in three steps (one per hand set). “In the first step, an intense pulsed light handpiece helps treat discoloration from sun damage, such as brown spots and redness,” explains Doctor Sonia. “Then, a radiofrequency handpiece with pulsed electromagnetic fields is applied to help firm skin. Finally, a nanofractional radiofrequency handpiece is used to help resurface texture and smooth crepiness.”

If you’re thinking all of that sounds too good to be true, we had beautyheaven member, Karen, head into Amirova Cosmetic Clinic in Roseberry to try it out firsthand…

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TriBella treatment review

Karen’s skincare concerns pre-TriBella are quite common for someone in their early 50s: pigmentation, fine lines and skin-sagging. All of these are addressed by the treatment, making her an ideal candidate. 

Before TriBella

How long does theTriBella treatment take?

“The total treatment takes about one and half hours, including 10-minute breaks between passes with the different handpieces,” Dr Sonia tells us.

Karen said although she had never experienced a treatment of this length, the process was “lovely and didn’t feel like 90 minutes”. 

Is theTriBella treatment painful?

When it comes to pain, Dr Sonia says “the treatment feels hot and somewhat painful without any numbing. In my practice, we use a compounded anesthetic cream composed of 23% lidocaine/7% tetracaine applied for about 20 minutes before treatment with the first handpiece.” 

“We also use a cold roller after each handpiece. It helps decrease discomfort and helps reduce swelling after treatment.”

Sofia from Amirova clinic used numbing cream on Karen before the treatment, who said she experienced “no pain at all” during TriBella.

Is there any downtime after theTriBella treatment?

“For three days after treatment, patients have skin redness and mild swelling. Tiny grid dots can be seen upon close inspection for about a week”, advises Dr Sonia. 

Karen said directly after the treatment she experienced redness and swelling, which she had for a few days. She said it wasn’t uncomfortable, and once she had foundation on, she was comfortable working and meeting with clients as usual.

Sofia instructed Karen to be especially careful with sun protection post-treatment as the resurfacing element makes your skin more vulnerable to sun damage. 

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How much does theTriBella treatment cost?

Dr Sonia says “In Australia each treatment is valued between $1,200-$1,500”, depending on the salon you choose.

Sofia advised that it can take a few weeks to see the full benefits of TriBella, as the skin needs a bit of time to regenerate.

Karen tells us that she began seeing benefits after the first week, and found that for the first few weeks, her skin was consistently looking better and better. She says, “it’s much brighter, the skin tone is more even. And it looks tighter”. 

Karen was amazed by how much of a difference the treatment made, particularly on her pigmentation. She says that she’s “more confident wearing no makeup”, and that she’s wearing far less foundation than usual. 

Before and six weeks after the TriBella treatment

Would you try the TriBella treatment?

If you’re interested in trying the treatment, head to to book an appointment. 

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