The two treatments you need to save your skin this winter


Are you guilty of neglecting your skin care routine in winter? I know I am. Right when we need to be increasing the attention we pay to our body’s largest organ we get lazy.

We jump out of a long, steaming hot shower, skip the body moisturiser and throw on clothes that cover every limb (out of sight, out of mind, right?). Then we crank up the indoor heating and drop our water intake in favour of multiple cups of warming coffee. It is no wonder our skin starts to look dull and parched. 

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I can feel my skin start to tighten and itch at the thought of it, but this year I’ve vowed to treat my skin better.

First steps to getting healthy winter skin

Thankfully, Esstudio Galleria in Chippendale, Sydney, have come to my rescue with two ultra hydrating treatments to help take my winter skin care up a notch and set me up with healthy, glowing skin that is easier to maintain throughout the cold and windy months ahead.

I arrive at their inner city studio and am welcomed by the salon’s resident beauty expert, Jacqui Arnold, who promptly treats me to a delicious herbal tea before we head in for the first of my two treatments for the day.

Gernetic Vegetal Mask Facial

First up is the Gernetic Vegetal Mask Facial, which Jacqui tells me is new to their winter beauty menu and is suitable for all skin types and ages.

“It’s a very nutritive, purifying, decongestant and remineralizing skin experience all in one,” adds Jacqui. Which I am pleased to hear as I’ve also recently developed a fair amount of hormonal congestion around my chin area that I’ve been struggling to get rid of.

Once I am changed and prepped for treatment, my face is cleansed with Gernetic Glyco and followed up with a light exfoliation using Ger Peel. The process feels so rejuvenating and Jacqui takes her time to really focus on my congested area.

Jacqui then gives my face a nice long steam to open up my pores. A moisturising and hydrating base is then applied to my skin using a lymphatic drainage technique with Cells Life Serum (which is as amazing as the name suggests) and Synchro.

I wasn’t expecting what came next, but oh did it make me feel relaxed! A thin layer of gauze is placed over my face with two cotton pads used to shield my eyes. Then a thick, luscious layer of the Vegetal Mask is spread over my face. It smells earthy and the weight of it on my face is oddly comforting. I could lay here like this for hours, but the process takes a total of 20 minutes. During which Jacqui gives me a heavenly hand and head massage. The mask is then removed by gently lifting up the gauze before Jacqui applies a protective cream to finish.

My skin feels deeply hydrated and the angry looking congestion I have around my chin appears to have settled. I also feel gloriously relaxed.

Full Body Scrub and Steam Room treatment

Now that my face has been taken care of it is time to move the attention to my body. I am having a full body exfoliation using La Clinicas Mircro deem Glycolic scrub.

Jacqui selects the La Clinicas Mircro deem Glycolic scrub for my treatment as it uses Glycolic Acid, to smooth and rebalance my complexion by gently peeling away the outer layers of my skin to reveal refined, radiant, younger skin; combined with Vitamin C to reduce inflammation and photoageing. This combination of ingredients is perfect for reinvigorating and protecting my skin for winter.

This is then applied over my body in a gentle exfoliating motion. I then get dressed in the robe provided and walk to the steam room for the second part of the treatment process. This part of the treatment helps cleanse my skin by opening up my pores and sweating to remove toxins from my body.

I haven’t been in a steam room before, so Jacqui puts the temperature a little lower at 40 degrees and sets the timer for 25 minutes. I enter and attempt to sit for the allotted time, occasionally I need to turn on the cold water when the heat gets too much. The steam is infused with eucalyptus oil which is great for clearing your head if you have any winter sniffles. Once the 25 minutes ends I wash off any remaining scrub and dry off before heading back to the room. Jacqui then works a luscious moisturiser over my body, rubbing away the dead skin as she goes.

Embracing my new winter skin care regime

I can’t recommend these two treatments enough. I will be visiting Jacqui once every six weeks to keep on top of my new winter skin care regime, but that’s not all I’ll be doing.

  • I’m using Dermologica’s Microfoliant daily to keep dead skin at bay on my face.
  • I’ll be using Alpha H Liquid Gold every second day to keep the congestion and top layer of the skin on my face in check. They also have a Smoothing and Perfecting Mask that I will use once weekly at home.
  • I have opted for a thicker, more moisturising night cream to really replenish my skin overnight while continuing to use the Medik8 Beta Moisturiser.
  • I am dedicated to exfoliating my full body daily and have quit being lazy and now spend an extra 30 seconds applying a body moisturiser from neck to toe.
  • I’ve also increased my water intake to help keep me properly hydrated.

The New Vegetal Skin Intense Facial is available now at Esstudio Galleria Chippendale for $100. The 30 minute Sea Salt Body Scrub is also available for $75 using one of La Clinica’s body scrubs of your choice, followed by a steam. Visit for more information.

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