Top treatments to try: Ella Bache Hydra Plumping Facial

Top treatments to try: Ella Bache Hydra Plumping Facial

It’s a hard slog, but someone’s got to do the research. This week, to celebrate the launch of the salon and spa directory, Bh is fearlessly laying skin, body and sole on the line to track down the most indulgent, most worth-it ways to wind down and glam up.
Today, we go in search of the best way to weather-proof oily skin for winter…

What: Ella Bache Hydra Plumping Facial

Where: Ella Bache salons everywhere. Beam into to find your closest location
Treatment time: 90 minutes
Why we love it…

Traditionally speaking, winter is the thing my slick-prone skin and I fear most. Fighting back against the elements, it kicks into oily overdrive, I struggle to balance grease-factor with enough hydration and both of us can’t wait for spring. It’s not pretty.

So this year, I decided to enlist professional help early. The Ella Bache Hydra Intense Facial promised a thirst-quenching, winter-perfect treatment for all skin types, so I guessed it was worth a try.

One facial never fits all, so I was relieved to find the therapist scrutinised my skin beneath the Woods Lamp (a dermal-diagnostic tool that illuminates skin problems not visible to the naked eye) before tailoring a cleanse and exfoliation to my skin type. Next, a lymphatic drainage massage with hydrating Pulp Energising Gel helped purge my skin of toxins, melt a little stress (it’s not designed to be relaxing, but it seemed to help me kick back) and prepare me for the mask…

Like a stodgy porridge packed with skin-loving ingredients, the thick Pulp Re-Sourcing Mask was poured all over my face (maybe not one for claustrophobics!) and I was left to soak for a while. As soothing hazelnut saturated my thirsty face and worked to repair my hydrolipidic barrier, I dozed off and awoke just as the mask was being peeled gently away. Then, after hand-picking moisturisers from the Hydra range (I got the Hydra Booster serum and Hydra Ever-Fresh Matifying Gel) to slather on my skin, my therapist sent me, floating, away.

Straight away, my face felt cushiony soft, springy and plump without any annoying oily sheen. But even better, the morning after I was still breakout-free, super smooth, glowy and moisturised. I felt balanced, weather-ready and divine. So, winter? Whatever. Bring it on…

– Tracey Withers

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