Top treatments to try: Decleor Aromaplasty

Top treatments to try: Decleor Aromaplasty

It’s a hard slog, but someone’s got to do the research. This week, to celebrate the launch of the salon and spa directory, Bh is fearlessly laying skin, body and sole on the line to track down the most indulgent, most worth-it ways to wind down and glam up in the salon.
Here’s one for the long weekend: a facial that delves deep beyond the dermis…

What: Decleor Aromaplasty Facial

Where:Decleor salons nationally. Beam into to find your closest location
Spend: $160
Treatment time: 75 minutes
Why we love it…

When the cold, rainy weather arrived in town, my sensitive skin went straight into panic mode. Overnight, it went dry, turned four shades paler and developed noticeable red blotches. My need for the ultimate de-stressing, moisturising boost became immediately urgent.  

So I was more than willing to give myself up to the skin- and soul-soothing promises of the Decleor Aromaplasty Facial Treatment.

Unexpectedly, this facial began at my feet with a massage using a divine Decleor aromatherapy oil. Almost instantly, I felt myself uncoil as I breathed in the aroma and Linda, my magician/beautician, gently worked up to my shoulders and down each arm.

When I was really relaxed, the facial itself began with a cleansing massage and soothing toner. Then, over a fine layer of gauze, Linda smoothed the rich Aromaplasty mask, an ultra nourishing blend of natural seed oils and plant extracts, across my face. The combination of scent and gentle touch drew me deep into that luxurious state of feeling half asleep. But the bliss didn’t stop there. Linda continued to massage my hands and arms while the mask was working its magic.

After 15 minutes of glorious relaxation, Linda gently wiped the mask away, drenched my skin in a  Decleor moisturiser and added a slick of  lip balm. She then quietly helped me to sit up and with firm, soothing strokes, massaged my back and neck as part of the ‘reawakening’ regime.

I felt completely rejuvenated! This facial should be renamed ‘a total wellbeing treatment’ because it is so much more than skincare. My mind, body and soul felt wonderfully pampered and my face was smoother, plumper and positively glowing. But was it really worth $160? Every cent.

– Janet, account manager

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