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Q) I’m considering dermal fillers to address the lines around my mouth, forehead and between my eyes. Restylane has been recommended to me and I would love to gain some further info on the procedure: what the treatment involves, how long it takes, downtime, costs and results.

– Donna, VIC

Let’s tackle this one step at a time.

How does Restylane work? The way Restylane works is it adds volume to the skin. We inject small amounts of Restylane directly into the skin and it lifts up the wrinkle or gives more volume to the lips. Wrinkles can be raised to the level of the surrounding skin and the contours of the lips can be enhanced to the desired level.

How long does each treatment take? Restylane treatment is a very easy and quick process. The treatment can be carried out immediately after your consult and takes about 30 minutes. The result is instant. You may experience some immediate swelling and minor bruising but this won’t last long.

Does it hurt? This is the most common question and the answer is very individual, depending on how sensitive to pain you are. The needles are very fine so the discomfort is usually minor, however, I recommended all my clients apply anesthetic cream to the areas they want to treat at least 30 minutes prior to their treatments. Lip treatment is quite uncomfortable and therefore a nerve block is normally used (it’s very similar to what the dentist gives you).

How long does the treatment last? How long the effect of each Restylane treatment lasts is very individual. It is important to remember that Restylane consists of two initial treatments which need to be done six weeks apart. Then each treatment can last up to six months, sometimes even longer. It depends on your age, skin type, hydration level, lifestyle and skincare.

How much do dermal fillers cost? It can vary from $350 to $700 depending on the amount of the product needed or the viscosity of the product. For the number of areas you will be treating, I think you may need 1ml of Restylane at $550. However I normally recommend Botox treatment for lines between the eyebrows and around the eyes, sometimes used in a combination with Restylane. I find this to be more affective than Restylane alone.

– Matty Samaei, cosmetic nurse practitioner

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