‘Spa sommeliers’ are now a thing


Wine tastings and massages: these are two of my favourite things.

But the two combined? Well, that was a mere fantasy… until now!

Catering to beauties who love vino, Spanish hotel Abadia Retuerta LeDomaine is set to launch a new spa called El Santaurio, which includes sessions with a ‘spa sommelier’ (or as they’re known over there, “consummate professionals” – but we like the other name better).

Nestled in a wine region, the spa will offer blind wine tastings to customers, and recommend treatments based on their favourites.

Apparently, the concept is grounded in philosophy and incorporates traditional Chinese medicine’s “Five Elements” theory, which uses taste to connect to particular organs and tissues in the body.

With this in mind, the hotel plans to connect the ingredients in the wines to the ingredients in spa oils. It may sound a bit out there, but according to spa director Sonal Uberoi, it’s actually not so far-fetched:

“Many people who make wine already mix essences of natural plant botanicals in them,” says Uberoi. “All of our wines generally use more rosemary than others, so from there we thought, ‘If people pick up the tastes of the essences we add to certain wines, why not extrapolate that into our spa menu and marry it together with the smelling of oils?’”

Speaking to allure.com, the innovator explained just how it’ll work:

“When the client comes in, there will be a selection of three wines they can choose from,” he said.

“They’ll drink the wine and say how each one makes them feel and see what kind of taste they are picking up. And from there, we will have three base oils – which we are still developing – that will match with the essences in the wine they chose and be used in their upcoming spa treatment.”

I, for one, think the experience sounds deeelicious, but what about those who aren’t wine fans?

Well, the spa’s also developing a juice/oil pairing for summer and a hot tea/oil pairing for winter, so those who don’t drink are covered.   

Oh, and you also get to take home a bottle of the wine you liked after your treatment.

I know where I’ll be booking my next overseas holiday…

Do you like the sound of a spa sommelier treatment? What’s your ultimate beauty indulgence?

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