Spa, steam and… sing?

Spa, steam and… sing?

I love a good spa as much as the next girl, but I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never quite left one and wanted to break into Bon Jovi. But if the emerging trend for mixing spa treatments with song catches on, I might have to start rehearsing into my hairbrush. Yep, karaoke and kicking back could be The Next Big Thing for your next big night out with the girls.

They’ve probably been doing it in Tokyo for years, but I only just discovered the idea the while in London last week. In hipper-than-hip Shoreditch hides the Jade Pool Health and Spa Club, the only place that I know where you can indulge in a sensational six-hand massage (three times as good as the regular kind), a steam and then a movie or your very own Madonna moment. All in the name of health and wellbeing. And, judging by the stream of skinny acid wash jeans I saw sauntering in and out, it’s not just the City’s Asian bankers who are getting into the steamy sing along – East London’s most fickle trendsetters have declared it cool too. Start counting the days until a karaoke health and beauty club crops up in your local Chinatown.

Spa karaoke is kooky, yes. But it also sounds like the best hen’s night ever, don’t you think? And, at the very least, it’d be good for warming up those Saturday night warbling chords, right?

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