Spa and salon treatments celebrities love

Spa and salon treatments celebrities love

With plenty of cash to splash on getting themselves red carpet-ready, it’s no wonder we’re envious of celebrities’ glowing complexions and perfectly preened brows.

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Since we know you love fun facts, let’s find out more about the weird, wacky and oh-so-luxurious treatments the A-list just can’t get enough of!

Margot Robbie

The Qi Facial

This qi-activating facial (pronounced chi) is Margot Robbie’s favourite!  “When I’m on the Gold Coast, I always get a Qi facial. It’s very different to anything you’ll find … it just makes me all glowy and nice.” The Qi Facial places gold-plated magnets across the acu-pressure points of the face to activate the same energy used by acupunturists.


Katy Perry

Intraceuticals Rejuvenation Infusion Facial
Now we know why Katy’s skin always looks so damn plump and glowing. She’s a major fan of this infusing treatment, which uses a machine to pump super-hydrating hyaluronic acid and essential vitamin serums into the skin for an instant plumping and lifting effect.

Sienna Miller

Hari’s Aromatherapy Associates Hair Treatment
Regularly frequented by British beauty editors, the fashion elite and celebs such as Sienna Miller, Goldie Hawn and Catherine Zeta-Jones, this salon offers a glossing hair treatment that includes a hair mask, aroma steam, back and shoulder massage and blow-dry. Where do I sign up?

Victoria Beckham

Geisha facial
Don’t let the seemingly innocent name of this treatment fool you. Otherwise known as the ‘bird poo facial’, it involves putting powdered nightingale droppings on your skin to soften, replenish and brighten the complexion. We’ll pass on that one, thanks! 

Jessica Simpson

Fish pedicure
If you’ve ever travelled to Bali, you’ll be familiar with this fishy treatment. For an episode of her reality show, The Price of Beauty, Jessica gave it a go, popping her feet in a tub of water while garra rufa – or doctor fish – nibbled away at her dead skin. How glamorous!

Samantha Harris

Jazz Pampling brows
She’s responsible for the brows of homegrown celebs like Sam Harris and Naomi Watts, and after many a Fashion Week stint, Sydney-based brow artist Jazz Pampling is the best of the best. I mean, who wouldn’t want brows like Sam?

Mila Kunis

HD Diamond and ruby peel
Before hitting the red carpet, Mila treats her skin to this special peel. It involves sucking on an ice cube to reduce puffiness, and uses small precious stones to infuse antioxidants into the skin. “I always do [this on] her skin, neck décolleté, arms, and the backs of her hands. Anything that will possibly be showing with her dress,” says celebrity aesthetician, Scott-Vincent Borba.

What is your number one spa treatment? Would you like to try one of these celebrity faves?

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