Just call us the SPAparazzi

Just call us the SPAparazzi

If there’s ever a hard day’s pampering to be done, you can count on us. The instant there’s a new facial to be trialled, a muddy concoction to soak in or a get-glossy hair treatment to be investigated, Bh is on it – we’ll boldly take skin, body and sole where they’ve never been before, just to uncover the salons and spas most worth the spend.

But it’s not all about us. We’ve used our SPAparazzi status to pull together the definitive go-to guide on the best spots where you can be spoilt silly. Just click and you’re there…

Welcome to pampering paradise.

In an instant, you’ll have all the essential info on the best place near you to have your hair done, your nails buffed, your make-up mastered or your body bronzed and blissed. Just-around-the-corner skincare salons? Check. The hottest hairdressers ever to hold scissors? Here. Surely Bh can’t also know about beauty pros on wheels that will bring their brushes to you? Guess again. Our searchable Salon guide puts it all at your fingertips – and it’s growing every day.

So to celebrate its launch (any reason would have done, really), we’re researching buzz treatments and revealing our favourite salon experiences of the week. But we’re not just slacking off and zoning out (except when this is strictly part of the job, you understand) – fellow beauty enthusiasts, this is work!

Because we believe that a facial, pedi, polish or bouncy blow-dry isn’t a privilege, it’s a prerequisite – and sometimes, on those brink-of-a-total-meltdown moments, a mental health move. Pampering should be written into every bride’s pre-nup (I will spa or you will pay)! It should be squeezed onto every mum’s to-do list! And every glam girl on the go needs to pay back her feet for all that high heel torture.

Start searching the beautyheaven Salon guide now (quick, the boss isn’t looking!). You know you deserve it…

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