How to make beauty treatments more comfortable

How to make beauty treatments more comfortable

We’re often told that beauty is pain. But for those of us with a low pain-threshold, that simply won’t do. 

If you’ve previously avoided beauty treatments such as laser hair removal and cosmetic injections for fear of being uncomfortable, there’s actually a pretty simple way to help: numbing cream.

No tricks, no holding your breath and no need to visualise a tropical location far from where you actually are. So whether you’re looking to DIY or head in-salon for a treatment, here’s how you can help lessen the pain with a little prep.

At-home hair removal

Waxing, epilating and IPL can provide longer-lasting hair removal than shaving, but discomfort is often associated with these methods. To help numb the pain when working with a large area like the legs, apply a maximum of 60 grams of Numit cream* over 600cm2 of skin. This should then be followed by the application of an occlusive (ie. air tight) dressing, which in the case of large areas can be as simple as some plastic wrap secured with tape. Leave for a minimum of one hour (and a maximum of 5), removing the dressing and cream just before hair removal.

Dermal needling, laser and dermabrasion

Facial treatments that target deeper skin issues like scarring, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles are typically more painful than your average facial. Luckily, Numit cream* can be used to help numb pain on the face as well. To help ensure the cream has enough time to absorb, apply it evenly all over the face, taking care to avoid the eye area, a minimum of one hour (and a maximum of five), before your appointment. Similar to when used on the body, an occlusive dressing should be applied the area where the cream is applied and then removed before your treatment.

Cosmetic injections and tattooing

Numbing cream can also be used to target small sections of the face, for localised treatments such as cosmetic injections and tattooing. For small areas, apply 1.5g to 2.0g of Numit cream* over 10cm2 of skin. Less product is needed, but the wait time remains the same as a minimum of one hour. You can expect the numbing sensation to last for a minimum of 2 hours after removal of the occlusive dressing.

What other beauty treatments can numbing cream be used for?

Numit can be used for a number of minor cosmetic procedures, including skin resurfacing, laser hair removal and tattoo removal, as well as those listed above. 

Any sensation still felt can vary depending on the treatment being done as well as one’s own skin tolerance. But for those adverse to discomfort, it provides a welcome option to help lessen pain. 

*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, worsen or change unexpectedly, talk to your health professional.

Have you ever tried numbing cream? Are there any beauty treatments you don’t get because of the pain factor?

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  1. I have hopes there will be more choice of brands that do this job in the future as I not too long ago checked out numbing creams in the local pharmacy and found this Numit one and another more basic looking generic brand and that was all to choose from. Maybe a sign of the current times but I’m sure Australia is capable of producing a variety of strengths brand that is available at the chemist.. maybe one day.

  2. Never tried or needed. So far. Needling is not painful nor is IPL. I used to epilate, now that was eeeek and numbing cream would’ve been handy. Ingrown hairs made me stop doing this treatment.

  3. This could be useful for some. I find that epilating hurts a bit but it is not that bad, but I know the fear of the pain stops many from doing it so I guess many will find this useful.

  4. So, these are the best numbing cream for tattoos that help both client and tattoo artist prospective.
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    – Numb 520.
    – HUSH anesthetic.
    – Topicaine 5.
    – SUPER NUMB. …
    – Numb Master. …
    – Numb Skin. …
    – DermaChange Organic Shingles Relief Cream.

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