6 Sleep-Inducing Products That Actually Work

6 Sleep-Inducing Products That Actually Work

Sleep – it’s the one thing most of us could do with more of, but also one of the first things we sacrifice when life gets busy. Lots of people also find that when they do hit the hay, they struggle to have a good quality sleep. Luckily, there are now a host of products to help you sleep better, deeper and for longer.

There are a multitude of ways you can work on your sleep, from incorporating some pre-bedtime meditation techniques to banning screens from the boudoir. But if those methods just aren’t cutting it, and you’re done searching high and low for the best sleep aid, we’ve got some sleep products for you to try. So now all you have to do is add them to cart, close the shades and relax…

In Essence Sleep Easy Pillow Mist

Spritz this mist onto your pillow or bed linen before lights out to help your mind unwind and prepare for rest. The soothing blend of pure essential oils lavender, chamomile roman and valerian will help to give you a peaceful night’s sleep. 

“A little goes a long way with this lovely blend. I only use a very small amount, and the lovely calming scent of lavender quickly fills the entire house.” – Rose_P

$29.95 at Myer

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Buckley & Phillips Aromatics Pulse Point Roller – Sleep Soundly

This calming oil is great for relieving insomnia caused by mental tension and stress. Apply it as you get into bed by massaging the oil onto your temples, forehead or the back of the neck. Or, if you prefer, add 10–20 drops to your evening bath.

“I absolutely loved this product it!!!! It has become one of essentials. I was a little bit skeptic at about this product as I don’t like really strong scents. However, I was so surprised and love this product.” – Chan Mac

$19.95 at Buckley and Phillips

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Swisse Beauty Sleep & Renew Booster

Featuring chamomile and hops, this specialised skin supplement brings new meaning to the term beauty sleep. The unique formula targets skin regeneration and repair while assisting you in achieving a restful eight hour slumber. 

$19.99 at Chemist Warehouse

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BATHEFEX Epsom Salt – Lavender + Green Tea

Give life to your aching body while you bring peace to a racing mind. Bathefex created a healing blend of green tea to calm swelling and enhance circulation, lavender to soothe nerves and epsom salts to repair sore muscles.

$12.99 at BATHEFEX

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Harmony U Dream

If you’re going to bed exhausted and waking up even worse off, you might want to consider a natural sleep-inducing supplement. This multi-herb from Harmony has been built with an age-old formula, traditionally used in Western and European herbal medicine, to relieve restlessness and promote sleep. 

$12 at Chemist Warehouse

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Shhh Silk Silk Pillowcase 

Comfortable bedding is essential for a good sleep. This breathable silk pillowcase is made of 100 per cent pure mulberry silk and has been designed to keep your hair untangled and skin crease-free.

$95 at Adore Beauty

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Do you use any products to help you sleep? If so, what are they?

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  1. Gosh I need all these products right now. I haven’t been sleeping well for a couple of weeks and can’t figure out what is causing such disrupted sleep.

  2. I have used a silk pillow case and was really disappoined and magnesium and zinc and lavender but I take a long time to get to sleep .I have tried breathing exercises and relax muscle exercises but Nope

  3. A warm bath with anything lavender helps. I also use In Essence Sleep Mist sometimes. Occasionally, I burn incense. I find that using the same method every night lessens its effectiveness.

  4. I sleep fine most of the time but sometimes when I just really want to sleep my mind won’t stop thinking about stuff that’s not important and that can be really annoying. I find having a cup of tea before bed helps relax me though.

  5. It’s also important to practice good sleep hygiene and keep electronic devices and tvs out of the bedroom. If you must use your device, switch it to black and white mode!

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