What is preventative botox?


Botox is on the rise in all age groups, but it’s seeing a particularly strong increase in women in their early to mid twenties. An age group that probably wouldn’t have even thought about anti-wrinkle injectables a generation ago, are now lining up in droves. The treatment is more accessible than ever before, with prices on the decrease and availability on the up and up. 

We’re a no-judgement zone here at beautyheaven, and hold the belief that whatever someone wants to do to their face is their prerogative – as long as it’s not dangerous of course. 

But is getting Botox before you even have wrinkles, known as ‘preventative botox’, a pointless waste of money? Or is it the next frontier in anti-ageing treatments?

We spoke to Dr. Josh Wall, medical director of Contour Clinics to tell us everything we need to know about preventative botox.

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What is preventative Botox?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Botox, so we thought we’d start off by getting a clear definition on exactly what preventative Botox is. 

“Wrinkles form due to contraction of underlying facial muscles. Over time, lines that were once there only when moving, now become a permanent crease. By relaxing these muscles in a targeted fashion we can prevent deep permanent lines from forming in the first place. So that means, if you get Botox before you can see a wrinkle, it will stop it from ever forming”, says Dr Josh. 

Who would be a good candidate for preventative Botox?

If you’re considering Botox but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, rest assured that Dr Josh says that everyone and anyone is a good candidate for Botox. As long as your of legal age, of course. 

Is Botox in your 20s common?

Dr Josh is seeing a lot more young women come through his clinic, saying “it is becoming increasingly common. Botox isn’t only for erasing wrinkles. It can stop you from frowning, or squinting. Some of my patients like to remove frowning or squinting, as it can remove their perceived “resting b*tch face”, or it can stop them squinting in the sun during photographs outdoors.” 

As for whether or not you can start doing Botox too early, the doctor says no, “you can start from 18 onwards.” 

Where are the best places on the face to do preventative Botox?

Anyone who has started seeing lines, knows the places they’re popping up – “Forehead, frown lines and around the eyes.” 

But once someone starts getting Botox, don’t they have to keep getting it forever?

There is a commonly held misconception that once you’re on board the Botox train, there’s no getting off and you’re locked into getting it done for the rest of your natural life. 

However, Dr Josh says that’s just not true.  “Your face returns to exactly how it was prior to treatment. It actually will put a pause on the wrinkle forming process.” 

Are there any drawbacks of preventative Botox?

Only one – your bank balance. Dr Josh says the only downside to Botox is “Expense. Although, this is becoming increasingly affordable.” 

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  1. Why put a toxin in your body? Preventative measure is do not smoke or drink alcohol and eat processed foods, all contribute to early aging, not too mention, stay calm and don’t stress because that will age you too.

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