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    Jurlique Pre-Baby Bliss is a professional spa treatment for mums-to-be. It includes a choice of professional facial treatment, a relaxing foot treatment, a soothing back and shoulder massage, and a choice of full-sized product from the Jurlique Baby range. Choose from the following facial treatments: Anti-Ageing Purely Age-Defying, Pure Radiance Herbal Recovery, Deep Hydration Rose Moisture Plus, Soothe Sensitivity Calendula Redness Rescue, and Skin Brightening Purely White.


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    Sensitive 1000 Roses Soothing Body Lotion
    2 reviews

    Suitable for daytime use


    The Andalou Sensitive 1000 Roses Soothing Body Lotion is in a plastic squeezy tube and the lotion was easy to dispense.

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    Skin Physics
    Dragon’s Blood Radiance Daily Moisturiser SPF 15
    37 reviews

    Hydrating and elegant day moisturiser


    This is a daytime moisturiser that's packaged in a elegant tall bottle with a pump dispenser. Dragons blood is actually the sappy resin extracted from the Croton Lechleri tree.

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    Swisse Ultiboost Magnesium + Hydration Powder
    1 review

    Did not like the taste


    I love Swiss products and picked this up thinking that it was the normal magnesium powder in a lemon lime flavor. What I didn’t realize is that it was the magnesium and hydration powder.

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