My Empirical Life road-tests the new way to highlight hair


Popular blogger My Empirical Life is no stranger to hair dye. But what did she think about the latest balayage technique?

My Empirical Life I’m a Croatian Sydney based blogger, writer, stylist, photographer, creative director and online contributor at Vogue, having worked on a number of clients such as Cue, Gucci, Seafolly and Zimmerman.

Before we start, I want to let you in on a little secret. I am not really a blonde. I was born with chestnut brown hair that my mother said was such a perfect shade, I had to promise her I would never dye it. ”¨Ever. That promise flew out the window when it became apparent that along with this perfect shade, I also inherited her prematurely greying genes. I went through some crazy colors throughout my modeling career; from a platinum blonde bob to auburn tresses to a jet-black pixie cut, but once I was done experimenting, I needed a colour that would not need a crazy amount of upkeep – something that looked cool, natural and a little beachy.”¨”¨So when Wella contacted me about trying out their new Freelights colour service, I was a little hesitant. I mean, I’ve had my hair done at so many great salons around the world, what could be different, better or improved? But with summer around the corner, I was intrigued and excited.

I’m glad I gave it a go because, boy, was I wrong. There are many ways to improve a balayage. My colourist, renowned Shari Reynolds (fun fact – she was George Michael‘s colourist back in the day) says Wella Professionals Freelights is a very exciting, cutting-edge innovation in highlighting. Shari explains this particular product is so special because it gives a technician maximum freedom of hand painting application without the use of foils, bleeding or shifting.

The colour holds in place because it is made out of a revolutionary new substance that blends clay and a special polymer liquid. In turn, it also leaves hair in incredible condition. Not only that, but because it is hand painted, you cannot tell where the edges are, so unlike the foil technology, it is not necessary to go back to the salon every six weeks. ”¨”¨It is such a natural, gradual effect that it is suitable for any hair colour, and is a part of the Wella Professionals bespoke, luxury service. All I hear about the service is ‘luxury’, ‘incredible condition’, ‘natural’, ‘bespoke’.

After the treatment I was amazed at the condition of my hair. Incredibly soft, without the brittleness that comes after bleaching, the colour looks incredibly natural. Where my hair was quite dry and brassy after my European holiday and the salty sea, it looks slightly cooler now, with subtle highlights, shading and a silky texture. Wella Professionals Freelights, you win!

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