Micro Filler treatment, reviewed


We all want plumper, more hydrated skin but there is a limit to how effective even the most expensive skincare creams can be – especially once you hit your thirties.

When I heard there was a new treatment which penetrates the top layer of skin to deliver a mix of fluid dermal filler and 14 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants I was intrigued.

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Micro Filler has been used for several years overseas but is now fully tested and approved for use in Australia. A Micro Filler treatment at Laser Clinics Australia lasts for about an hour and you can choose where you would like 3ml of filler to be applied – face, neck, decolletage or even the back of your hands. One benefit of Micro Filler over traditional dermal fillers like is that it can be used in more sensitive areas like under the eyes.

My Micro Filler Experience

I was lucky enough to try this treatment with Laser Clinics Australia Medical Director, Dr. Jonathan Hopkirk. The treatment is customisable – I asked for extra attention to be paid in the under-eye area to combat dark circles, as well as my neck, which is starting to develop the telltale crinkles of age.

The treatment is administered via a hand-held mesotherapy machine which sucks your skin into a vacuum then pricks it with 5 tiny needles to infuse the skin with the Micro Filler solution and promote collagen production.

I’m not going to lie, it does hurt in places, particularly around the mouth and jawline. Numbing cream helps and thankfully the pain is very short-lived.

My face was red for a couple of hours afterwards and I could see the filler sitting in little bumps on my face and neck for about 24 hours. I had been warned that it could take 10 days for the filler to settle into the skin and for my skin to soak up the vitamins and antioxidants and start producing collagen on its own.

Sure enough, 10 days later I found my skin looking tighter, plumper and much more hydrated. My under eye circles are less prominent and my neck is no longer crepey. I’ve been receiving loads of compliments on my skin and people tell me I look a few years younger.

I’m told the results should last a few months, after which time I can top up with another session – three is optimum.

For more details on this new treatment, I’ve asked Laser Clinics Australia Medical Director, Dr. Jonathan Hopkirk, to talk us through some of the frequently asked questions.

How does Micro Filler treatment work?

Micro Filler is a ‘non cross-linked hyaluronic acid’ based filler which is combined with over 14 different amino acids, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The combination of the above helps to improve not only the appearance of the skin but the overall skin health. The micro filler itself helps to repair, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin working at the very surface layer of the skin known as the papillary layer. Unlike traditional HA dermal filler which is cross-linked for the purpose of adding volume and shape micro filler does not add volume or shape but rather stimulates important changes in the skin cells at the surface level. These changes leave the skin looking tighter, firmer and more hydrated with the added bonus of a post-procedural glow for up to five weeks. The product is administered with the V2 device which ensures the exact depth of up to 1mm deep is replicated with each five-point needle tip injection. This ensures product placement is exact and uniform in all treatment areas and can be modified depending on skin type and zone by the injector in a systematic and methodical way. Furthermore this adds benefit in that the skin needling itself further stimulates skin cell turnover and repair and the treatment can be reproduced every time the patient presents to the clinic.

What kind of patient is Micro Filler treatment most suited to?

Anyone from the age of 30 upwards who is experiencing the effects of ageing on their face, under eye, neck, chest or back of hands. The beauty of this treatment is that as it is only administered into the very top layer of the skin it has an incredible safety profile hence why it can be injected in otherwise off limit areas (i.e under eye skin).

What is the recommended treatment regimen?

For best results we recommend three Micro Filler treatments spaced 4 weeks a part. Each treatment leads to changes in your skin health and appearance that can last up to 12 months. Booking in a maintenance treatment at six months will further improve the results. In addition to the treatment itself utilising LED therapy and Skinstitut skin care products like Rejuvenate serum 15 will further benefit your skin and improve the results.

Is Micro Filler safe? Is there anyone who shouldn’t have it?

The treatment has full TGA approval and is being performed by injectors all over the world. The great thing about the V2 device is it adds to the overall safety of the treatment as the needle depth is modified based on the skin region being treated. This treatment depth is exact and reproduced with every injection point. This level of accuracy ensures a great level of safety with this treatment. People in general who we would recommend avoiding the treatment would be anyone who is pregnant, breast-feeding or planning to become pregnant and anyone experiencing active infections of the face like acne. However, to really grasp whether someone is a good candidate it is best to utilise our complimentary consultation process with one of our injectors in clinic to further gauge your suitability.

How quickly should you expect results, and how long will they last?

Results begin to really become apparent after approximately day 10 post treatment. From this point you can expect your skin to glow for five weeks while the product nourishes the surface layer of the skin. After three successive treatments each four weeks apart the results of the treatment can last up to 12 months in total. For maintenance we recommend a six month top up treatment to maximise ongoing skin health and aesthetic results.

Where can I get a Micro Filler treatment?

Laser Clinics Australia are the biggest supplier with approximately 100 clinics nationwide offering this treatment and one of the first to roll out the treatment with the use of the V2 device.

How much does Micro Filler cost?

Micro Filler treatment costs start from $650 for a single, full-face treatment, or $1890 for three sessions.

Before and after Micro Filler

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