Merry Christmas from beautyheaven!

Merry Christmas from beautyheaven!

Merry Christmas gorgeous beauties! Can you believe Christmas is finally here?! And what a year it’s been…

2017 has been a very busy and incredibly exciting year celebrating our 10th birthday, and we thank each and every one you for all of your support throughout the year, and for joining us in celebrating this exciting milestone. In light of the festivities, here are some major achievements that you’ve made for bh this year…

This year, you’ve contributed 131,383 comments, and created 1,038 forum topics.

You’ve completed 25,752 product reviews, and helped us crack over 250,000 product reviews on site.

You participated in 83 Trial Teams, and earned over 250,000 points.

Congrats, beauties. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

This is how we will be spending Christmas Day this year…

“Every year my family and I have everyone over at our house for Christmas ham, fruit cake and plenty of French champagne. The day always ends with a beach cricket session and a swim in the ocean. It’s my favourite time of year!” – bh’s Sophie

“This year I’m heading to Berlin with my family for my very first white Christmas! We’ll be spending Christmas day keeping out of the cold at a nice restaurant. I’ll miss my mum’s homemade pavlova but I’m sure I’ll drink enough mulled wine to make up for it.” – bh’s Caitlin

“I will be spending Christmas eating too much, drinking too much and enjoying the company of my close family and friends – what’s not to love!” – bh’s Sam

“Travelling between the many different houses we need to make appearances at, can make Christmas Day pretty exhausting! So this year my soon-to-be husband and I are hosting a Christmas brunch to bring both sides of our families together! Think lots of ham and cheese croissants, baked beans and bacon, bagels with cream cheese and salmon, and a mimosa (or two!).” – bh’s Aja

“Christmas Day will be spent sitting around the pool with family, while eating loads of delicious food, Christmas cake and pudding.” – bh’s Kristy

“I’ll be spending the day sitting by the pool sipping champas and eating trifle with my nearest and dearest.” – bh’s Rosie

“I will be spending Christmas Day at home with my close family. We usually open pressies in the morning and then get started cooking a big lunch of ham, prawns, pudding – all the usual suspects!” – bh’s Natasha

“I’ll be spoiling my little boys with lots of gifts and cuddles. Eating way too much seafood, while floating around on a boat – hopefully in the sunshine!” – bh’s Bree

“I’ll be in Perth with family and friends, lots of prawns, two hams and game of Secret Santa.” – bh’s Matt

“I’ll be heading over to my cousins’ place to have a massive lunch and take advantage of their pool – the dream!” –bh’s Ellie

How are you spending Christmas Day? What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

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