Massage sandals vs. Manolos

Massage sandals vs. Manolos

There’s been a lot of hoo ha about Suri Cruise’s heel-wearing habits but whether or not you approve of the three-year-old kicking around in kitten heels, there is renewed focus on the highs and lows of stomping around in stilettos.

Highs include looking pretty darn hot, keeping ahead of the fashion pack, lengthening your legs, looking taller than you actually are, and finding joy in being able to afford a pair of Manolo Blahniks (I haven’t yet experienced that joy!).

As for the lows, we’re talking severe pressure on the spine (surely life has enough stress), muscle ache or back pain, greater risk of in-grown toenails (eww!) and there’s the added risk of falling over in a public place and losing all dignity – possibly even showing your knickers, further adding to public ridicule (this last one gives me night terrors).

My first choice is always flats. Go figure! Less chance of falling flat on your face, no backache and if I need to run for the bus or rush out of the way of oncoming traffic I can – without looking ridiculous. Having said that, I do see the attraction of a killer pair of heels. Not only do they make your legs look slimmer and longer (what’s not to love about that!), they scream “sexy” and can finish off a fabulous frock perfectly.

I’m not saying I’d go as far as massage sandals but I do save stilettos for a special occasion (and yet secretly envy the girls that glamorously waltz around in stilettos day in day out – without falling over).

What’s your say on stilettos?

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