The lazy girl’s secrets to good hair

The lazy girl’s secrets to good hair

There’s no denying it – we’ve all been guilty of being a little (or a lot) lazy when it comes to beauty. If you ‘forgot’ to remove your make-up before hitting the hay, haven’t shaved your legs for two weeks straight, or skipped moisturising your bod this morning, we feel you!

But when it comes to maintaining your mane, lazy hair habits are way more obvious than dodgy chipped polish on your toenails. Greasy strands, noticeable regrowth and obvious (and unintentional) bed hair can make you look like you’ve neglected your locks.

So, this one’s dedicated to the lazy girls – here’s how to make sure your hair is as low-manetenance as possible…


When having re-growth is on trend, embrace it! The balayage trend is here to stay, ladies, so if you’d love to only see your colourist every eight weeks instead of six, get on board. It’s especially effective on blonde and brown hair.


If you’re a sucker for textured tresses (and skip the odd hair wash in favour of sleeping in), stock up on dry shampoo and keep one everywhere. Pop a can in the bathroom, desk drawer at work and your handbag to give day-old hair an instant pick-me-up. Blast your roots with dry shampoo, wait about twenty seconds, then rake your fingers through – and say hello to refreshed, gorgeous-smelling strands.

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What do you do when you wake up with greasy hair and only have ten minutes to get out the door? Well, instead of tying it up in a lacklustre pony, celebrity stylist Dario Cotroneo, of Dario Salon in Darlinghurst, Sydney suggests trying these two styles for lived-in locks.

The undone ponytail

“This style is a play on the normal ponytail, giving it a much-needed boost when you’re faced with dirty strands. Plus, pulling hair back away from the face also helps to hide traces of grease,” says Dario.

“First, spray the root area with dry shampoo to absorb excess oil. Then, pull a small section of hair at the front of your head and gently tease with a brush. Brush back your hair and gather into a ponytail – high, low, or to the side – securing with a hair elastic.”

“Give your ponytail a windswept, piece-y look by working some sea salt spray through the ends. For added texture around the crown, sprinkle some mattifying powder on the top of your head and lightly massage in.”

Mermaid hair

“Day-old hair is a lot easier to style, meaning any braiding and pinning will only work to your advantage,” explains Dario.

“Spray some texturising spray throughout your hair for added depth, then divide hair into two even sections. Braid each section and secure with a hair elastic. Loosen each braid gently with your fingers to give the style an undone look.”

“Finally, spray in sea salt on the ends for beachy texture and keep hair off the shoulders to create a simple and elegant profile.”


Too lazy to wash your hair? Or, got a big event on but can’t be bothered styling your mane? Make a pre-event appointment at a salon to get styled up by a pro. A good hair day doesn’t get much more effortless than that!

Are you lazy when it comes to looking after your hair? Will you be trying any of these tips?

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